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Company Holiday Parties Regaining Popularity

When the economy took a nose-dive in 2008 company holiday parties were one of the first casualties. As the economy slowly begins to stabilize and businesses see sales increasing, some are again hosting holiday events, though not usually as lavishly as in years past. In a survey of 2,600 employers, found that 58 percent of companies will have some type of celebration this year. That is up from 52 percent in 2010 and 49 percent in 2009 but way down from 96 percent in 1997. In contrast, just 36 percent of employees who were surveyed plan to attend their company's event. No reason was given for the lack of interest in the parties.

Most parties will continue to be simple and less expensive than a few years ago. About 60 percent of business owners are limiting attendance to employees. Most will hold their party during the workday or near the end of the day with many luncheons and potlucks planned.

The reasons given for hosting a party include improving employee morale,…

Choosing a Caterer for your Event

It's that time of year, time for personal and company Christmas parties followed by New Years parties; then it will be Super Bowl parties and more. Nearly every event includes food, much of it provided by a caterer. But how do you choose a reputable caterer who will enhance your event, not create unpleasant, and perhaps costly, surprises? The following tips will help.

First, decide on your budget. Be sure to consider the cost of sales tax, gratuity and other incidentals, which can add as much as 24 percent or more to the food cost.

Next, decide on the type and quantity of food you would like to serve. In this area we are fortunate to have a wide variety of catering choices, including Basque, Mexican, Italian, barbecue and more. You might serve a meal or perhaps you need only appetizers. If your party is casual and not too large, you might ask a caterer to drop off food rather than paying a server to stay during the event. Some caterers have alcohol or beer and wine permits; others…

Two New Bakeries Offer Sweet Treats in Boise

If you love specialty bakeries, those that make their products from scratch as opposed to those that bake using pre-packaged mixes, you are in for a treat. Sugar Rush Cupcakery opened in late October at 10804 W. Fairview Avenue in Boise. This is the latest endeavor of Family Ties Catering and Cakes, a Caldwell company well known for their baking. Though the shop specializes in cupcakes, they also offer cakes, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls and scones. You can also order Family Ties' famous wedding cakes. The shop includes a coffee bar with specialty coffees and plenty of space for relaxing or meeting friends.

On a recent visit I tried a maple bacon cupcake. It was delicious. Be sure to check the wide variety of flavors available, including blueberry ham waffle and more. You might discover a new favorite. For more information on the bakery, visit

Ruth Joanne's Bakery opened at 8716 Fairview Avenue in late August. The shop is part of the Art…

Add Scent to your Event

Aromatherapy isn't just for personal relaxation anymore. More and more event hosts are using aroma to set the mood for their special event. Planning a beach theme far from the ocean? Add the aroma of Ocean Breezes to your party location along with the sand and seashell decor. Store owners use pleasing scents at grand openings or to entice shoppers to purchase. Real estate agents use it to attract potential buyers and teens use it just for fun.

Most of us have used scent to set the mood at one time or another. It might be using scented candles or flowers for a dinner party or baking cookies just before an open house. Now, there are companies that will take your event to an all new level. Scent Events,, is one such company. Scent Events both rents and sells fans and accompanying "scent sleeves." The scent sleeves are available in a wide variety of aromas and two or more can be combined, such as chocolate and cinnamon, to create a unique aroma. The sce…

Teenage Invitations Require Imagination

Want to invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to the prom or to homecoming? No longer is it cool to simply ask. Teens today are finding unique and creative ways to ask and to respond to invitations to school dances and other special activities. For instance, an invitation saying "It would be cool if you would go to the homecoming dance with me" might be presented frozen inside a block of ice. An invitation that says "I am dying to go to the prom with you" might be presented inside a box of fabric dye. 

The receipient of the invitation is then expected to respond in a manner similar to the method used for the original invite. If presented with an ice block, the response might say something like "I'm shivering with delight" and be placed in a cold beverage. If given a box of dye, the response might be "Roses are red; violets are blue; I'd love to go to the prom with you" presented with a box of the appropriate dye color, or in this case, tw…

Sweet Trend: Cake Pops and Truffles

We served these colorful cake pops at a recent wedding. (They were actually dark purple, not blue, as they appear in the photo.) Guests were delighted with them and with the contrast between the soft, sweet interior and the smooth outer coating. A cake truffle is simply a cake pop without the stick; the process to make them is the same.

Though easy to make, the pops are time-consuming and a bit messy. If you plan to make your own, you can find recipes on the internet. Any cake flavor can be used, though the coating is limited to either white or chocolate candy coating, though food coloring can be added to white coating. Let your imagination run wild with the accents. You might use chopped nuts or candy, baking sprinkles, coconut, designs made with icing or many other items. For Halloween you might use spice cake dipped in orange coating and add a jack-o-lantern face. For St. Patrick's Day, add green food coloring to both the cake batter and the icing. The possibilities are limite…

Planning a Halloween Party

In two days it will be October and time to begin thinking about Halloween parties, despite the current 90 degree days. Halloween has become as big a party time for adults as for children, so let the fun begin. Having a party may be a safer alternative for children than going door to door to trick or treat in the cold and dark.

Costumes are a must, whether you are five or sixty-five. You might have a theme party and ask guests to dress appropriately, perhaps as their favorite fictional, movie or historical character. Your decor and food should also reflect the theme. Halloween also provides an opportunity to decorate with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, corn stalks and other fall favorites.

Plan activities to fit the ages of your guests. Many children today have never bobbed for apples, either in a tub of water or with the apples hanging from a string. You might create your own haunted house. It is easy to do in a dark place by creating a winding trail complete with "body parts" …

British Hotel Auctions Wedding on Ebay

When the British government designated April 29, the date of the Royal Wedding, as a national holiday, a large conference planned for a Best Western hotel in Britian was rescheduled. Rather than have their event space and numerous guest rooms sit empty on the new holiday, the staff decided to host their own royal wedding and to auction it off on ebay. They created a package for 50 guests that included cocktails, dinner, an evening dessert buffet, music and dancing, and a guest room for the bride and groom.

The auction was posted four weeks before the wedding date and ran for three days. During that time, 27 couples expressed an interest, many calling for information, and several visiting the hotel. The winning couple paid 1,999 pounds (about $3,200 U.S.) for a package valued at 4,000 pounds. The winning couple had met on-line and this seemed like the perfect way to begin their marriage.

Congratulations to the happy couple and to the hotel for creating a unique marketing idea. The auc…

Caldwell Company Celebrates 100 Years with Four Events

When George Crookham left Iowa in 1911 to grow popcorn seed in Idaho, he probably never dreamed his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would continue in his footsteps. Today the company he founded, Crookham Company, is known for its sweet corn and onions as much as for its popcorn.Yesterday, after more than two years of planning, we held the last of four centennial celebrations. During the past month we have celebrated with buyers, employees, retirees, family, friends, and local businesses. The Canyon County Commissioners designated September 9 as Crookham Company day in Canyon County.

On August 19 the company hosted their national and international sweet corn seed buyers. Attendees from Europe, South America, Japan, Asia, Australia, Canada and across the U.S. gathered for a full day of activities, including tours of the production fields and research stations and a catered picnic lunch at Ste. Chapelle Winery, as well as special activities for spouses. In the evening, th…

Forget the Alcohol: Serve Something Different at Your Event

We are seeing less alcohol served at recent social events, both because of tight budgets and the liability involved. Hosts are increasingly seeking creative alternatives and serving unique and intriguing beverages that offer guests a pleasant surprise. At a recent wedding reception the couple served Italian sodas. We printed menus with drinks named for places the bride or groom had lived or traveled. A guest could order a "Manhatten" and receive a combination chocolate and caramel soda. A "Phoenix" might be strawberry. The hosts purchased the ingredients, then two people were hired to make the drinks to order.

If you prefer to serve a hot beverage, you might opt for an espresso bar. In this area we have mobile espresso bars you can hire to come to your event. They bring all the necessary ingredients and staff to prepare the drinks; you supply the guests.

Is tea more to your liking? If so, set up a tea station at your next party. Provide a variety of tea flavors, ho…

Security Planning for your Event

You plan the guest list, the menu, the music, the activities, but do you have a security plan for your event? If not, you may need one. Depending on the type of event, the location and the number of attendees, you may need to consider several types of security measures, including the following.

Gifts - If your event involves gifts and/or cards (they often contain money or gift cards), they need to be kept safe. Someone with theft on their mind may not be an intruder, but a member of the catering staff, one of your guests or even the DJ or bartender. It is easy to slip a card or small item into a pocket or under a napkin without being seen, so be vigilant.

If your event will be held at a public place, such as a hotel or restaurant, place the gift table inside the room where the party occurs, not in a hall or foyer. Bring a closed container for cards, not a basket. Once everyone has arrived and the party gets started, you or your event coordinator should place the card container in a saf…

Wedding in Stanley

Rachel and John chose a perfect July day for their wedding beside the Salmon River in Stanley with the Sawtooth Mountains in the background. John is a native Idahoan. Rachel is from England. They wanted their wedding to be unique and memorable for all guests, particularly those coming from abroad and throughout the U.S.

The reception was held in a tent erected beside the Salmon River Lodge, where many guests stayed. The ceremony occurred nearby on the banks of the Salmon River. A barbeque reception catered by H and M Meats of Nampa followed the ceremony. Gelato, made by the bride,  was served for dessert. In traditional English style, the fruit cake wedding cake was served later in the evening accompanied by a spread of European artisan cheeses.

Rachel purchased English lavender, both dried and plants, at Lakeside Lavender Farm's festival in early July. When the couple was pronounced husband and wife, guests tossed dried lavender - on their heads, down her dress and on her train.…

New Trend: Diaper Parties for Dads

We are all familiar with baby showers for new moms. A couple of years ago baby showers for grandparents were an emerging trend. Now it is showers for dads, often called Diaper Parties. The idea behind the parties is to acknowledge a major event in a man's life and to celebrate what may be a first time dad's last opportunity to freely spend much time with his buddies. Today, most dads are actively involved in day-to-day child care, from diapering to feeding to walking the floor at 3 a.m. That may not leave much time for golfing or fishing with the guys or other male bonding activities. So, why not celebrate the new life stage rather than mourn the end of dad's "freedom."

At a diaper party, each male guest usually brings a package of diapers, which can help the new parents financially for a few months. They may bring other gifts as well. What the guys do at the party depends on their personalities. For some, it may be a back yard barbeque. For others, it might be a…

Entertain Easily with an Ice Cream Social

Ice cream socials have been around as long as ice cream. They are an easy, informal way to entertain a group, whether it is neighbors, a block party, an end-of-school party, a youth group, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, 4-H club or another group. When my boys were in junior high, we ended the school years with an ice cream social with parents bringing unique flavors, such as peanut butter, peppermint, and cheesecake ice cream. The kids loved it; the more unique the flavors, the better.

Preferably, the ice cream should be homemade, but if you aren't into that, any good quality ice cream works. You might ask a few of your guests to each bring a different flavor of ice cream. Others can bring toppings and things to sprinkle on the ice cream, such as nuts, chopped candy and cookie crumbs. You will need bowls, spoons, napkins, a table or two and chairs or blankets, as well as beverages.

Have fun, indulge your inner child and enjoy a summer evening with family and friends over a bowl, or se…

Cascade to Dedicate Veteran's Memorial

On August 6 the city of Cascade will dedicate a bronze statue in memory of all fallen war heros who have lost their lives in combat. The statue was donated to the city by the family of John Borbonus, a 19 year old Boisean who lost his life in Iraq in 2007. The bronze statue was commissioned by the Borbonus family and created by Young Fine Art Studio of Salt Lake City.

The day begins with an air show at the Cascade airport then proceeds to Kelly's White Water Park on the north side of town for the dedication ceremony at 3 p.m.  Representatives of the Idaho National Guard and the Air Force will speak. You won't want to miss this special tribute to Idaho's veterans.

U-pick Flower Farms Offer Variety and Affordability

Are you planning a party? Want to make your own flower arrangements? If so, the Treasure Valley's u-pick flower farms offer a variety of flowers at reasonable prices. Wild Rush Farm (, located on the east side of Nampa, offers a wide selection of blooms from July till October (or first frost), dawn to dusk, for $10 per bucket. A bucket is usually enough to make three or four bouquets or centerpieces. Flower arrangements, including flowers, vase, a card and delivery are also offered, starting at $35. The farm is located at 6016 E. Carson Court, Nampa. Drop-ins are welcome or set an appointment by email to

If you enjoy the fragrance of fresh lavender and lavender products, check out Lakeside Lavender Farm (, 1003 W. Locust Lane, Nampa, or The Lavender Merchant ( in Kuna. Fresh lavender is available only briefly, usually in early to mid-July. However, lavender products, includin…

Twenty Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

The Wedding recently posted a list of what they consider to be the top twenty biggest wedding planning mistakes. Most of the issues could also occur when planning other types of events as well. Following are the problems they identified, in no particular order, with our added comments based on many years of experience planning hundreds of events.

1. Not sticking to your budget. You have a budget for a reason. It is never okay to overspend and then pay for an event for months or years afterwards. Decide what is important to you and where you can compromise. Your guests won't know or care if you wanted steak but could afford only chicken.

2. Hiring a friend or family member as your photographer or videographer. You are only going to do this once. When the day is over you will have only your memories and your photos, so you will want quality photos. If Uncle Joe spends his time at the bar, not behind the camera, it is your loss. Additionally, your family and friends shou…

Credit Scores and Wedding Vows

When a couple marries, not only do they combine households, but they combine credit scores as well. Perhaps she is a saver who pays her bills on time. He is a spender who enjoys giving her lavish gifts. Charming initially, but maybe not so much when reality sets in. When the couple jointly applies for a loan, they may have an unpleasant surprise if one or both haven't learned to manage their finances.
Each of us has a credit score, which is based on numerous criteria, including the length of a person's credit history, the amount and type of available credit on credit cards and revolving accounts, whether payments have been made on time or are habitually late or missed, and more.

Though each credit reporting bureau has its own scoring system, the FICO score is most commonly used by lenders. Scores range from 300 to 850. If a couple jointly applies for a loan, both scores will be checked. The lender may take an average of the two scores or they may use the lower score. Using th…

An Indian Wedding in Boise

I have coordinated Indian weddings in the past, but always the groom was Indian. This was my first traditional Indian wedding with an Indian bride (the groom was not). There are numerous differences. In India, the celebration can last up to five days. This one started on a Friday with the bride's mendhi, the application of henna tattoos to her hands and feet. Yes, we have a mendhi artist in Boise.

On Saturday, we had a mendhi for all the guests though only ladies were able to receive a tattoo. The event lasted two hours, with food and music.

The actual wedding ceremony occurred on Sunday morning. We gathered at the event center at 7 a.m. to erect a mandap, the "shelter" under which the couple, their parents and the officiant sat during the ceremony. It looks much like a Jewish chuppa and was elaborately decorated with flower garlands, lights and fabric.

The ceremony begins with the groom's procession, called a barat. In India the groom would arrive on either an elepha…

Guest Attire for a Wedding or Another Event

In today's casual society we tend to think it doesn't matter how we dress to attend a special event. In reality, it matters a great deal. You don't want to embarrass yourself, your spouse or date, your family and most of all, you shouldn't want to embarrass your hosts. As an example, at a recent party two teenaged girls arrived wearing two-piece swim suits covered by t-shirts they had cut down the sides nearly to the waist, thus showing most of the swim suits. It was not a pool party; rather, it was a sophisticated birthday event held at a special venue nowhere near water. Inappropriate attire? Demeaning to the guest of honor? Exhibitionism? Totally.

At a recent wedding two women arrived looking like exotic dancers. One even flaunted her underwear and her garter belt. Inappropriate? Tawdry? Demeaning to the bride and groom? Absolutely.

At another wedding, the invitation clearly stated the ceremony would be held at a cathedral, yet a gentleman arrived wearing shorts a…

Friday the 13th Wedding

Jennifer is a bride who knows her own mind and who has a style that is totally her own. She chose to be married on Friday the 13th, considering it a lucky day, not a bad one. Following are a few photos from the big day.

The cake with an El Dia de Los Muertos
skeleton bride and groom topper

The ring bearer's pillow (laying on suckers on the candy table)

Lighting the sky lanterns - they are safe and biodegradable.

 Cherie, who performed the ceremony

 The chocolate moustaches were a big hit.

Wanted: Day-of Wedding Coordinator

You are planning your wedding and you are beginning to realize just how many details are involved, particularly on the wedding day. You won't have time or opportunity to do anything; you have a hair appointment; you need to dress; you will be taking photos, and on and on.

Can Mom be your day-of coordinator? No, she will be in the photos and you want her to enjoy the day. Can Aunt Martha do it? Maybe, but will she want to miss the festivities to spend her time rushing around in the background? So, your best option is to hire a day-of wedding coordinator. Right? Maybe.

Myth: A day-of coordinator can be hired shortly before the wedding, after all the details are in place.

Reality: If you wait, you may not be able to find a knowledgeable and experienced coordinator. (Beware the person who is hoping you will be her first client.) Coordinators book months, sometimes a year or more, in advance. They book day-of events just like they book events at which they are assisting with the plann…

Post Event Clean-Up Activities

The party is over; the guests have gone. Now, who is going to clean up? If the party host isn’t able to do it and didn’t specifically appoint someone, it may not get done, since everyone thinks it is someone else’s responsibility, so no one does it.

If your party will be held at a facility that provides clean-up services, you are fortunate, though you will still need to do a few things. Many facilities require the renter to pay a cleaning deposit. The party host will forfeit the deposit if the venue isn’t cleaned properly and in a timely manner. (Deciding to come back “in the morning” to clean up may not be an option if the venue is rented the next day.)

To insure that you get your deposit back, several days before the party ask someone to be in charge of clean-up activities or to assist the host in cleaning up. Don’t leave the host by her/himself to do it all, particularly late at night. Many hands can make the work go quickly.

If the host needs to ask someone to supervise the clean…

ID Rocky Mountain Ranch Mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

Congratulations to ID Rocky Mountain Ranch in Stanley, which was mentioned in the most recent edition of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine as a destination wedding location. You can find the article at

If you are seeking a memorable mountain location for your wedding, family reunion or another event for up to 50 guests, be sure to check out the Ranch. Their staff can help with many of your event needs, from catering to lodging. The 1,000 acre ranch, established in 1930, is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. The main lodge and many of the guest cabins are original and offer fantastic views of the Sawtooth Mountains.

Choosing Transportation for your Event

Most events include transportation of some type, some of it necessary and other times just for fun. We are fortunate to have a variety of transportion options in this area. If you are having a large event and need to transport attendees, you might reserve a shuttle bus. If you are having a business meeting with out-of-town attendees, you might rent a town car or a van or even a limo if you want to transport people in style. 

If your event requires a large number of people to be transported more than a few miles, you can rent a full-sized passenger bus, complete with air conditioning and reclining seats and possibly a restroom. These buses are perfect for taking guests to an out-of-town event, such as one in McCall. We will be using several buses this summer to transport guests around the Caldwell area and to Banks for whitewater rafting.

Limos are used extensively to transport wedding parties and for proms and quinceaneras. You might also rent one for mom and dad's anniversary pa…

Planning an Event? There are Apps to Help

Today, in our technology oriented society, if you have a smartphone, an iPad or an iPod, you have access to apps for just about everything, including ones to help you plan your next event. Using an app can't replace the services provided by an event planner, but they may help you stay organized and on-target financially.

The "Event Planning Tools" app by Party Aficionado, an event management firm, can help narrow down  venue choices. It also includes an event budget calculator. Available for Andriod phones for a small fee.

If you are planning a wedding, you may want to check out "Brides Wedding Genius" offered by Brides magazine for free to users of Apple devices. The app contains content from the magazine's advertisers, including a wide array of gowns, bridesmaids' dresses and jewelry options. Users can create a folder to store their favorites, as well as photos from other sources. For $3, Task Tracker, a planning calendar and task reminder, can be added…

Planning a Sweet 16 Party

Turning 16 is a big deal for many teen-agers, especially girls. They want to celebrate in style with their friends; however, it is easy for the planning and costs to get out of hand if mom and dad don't set, and enforce, limits. The following suggestions will help you plan a fun party while keeping the bank account in tact.
Set a budget. Decide how much you can spend and how flexible you are willing to be. It is never a good idea to go into debt for a party. If you can afford only a family dinner with extended family and perhaps a few friends or a pajama party for a group of girls, that is fine. Don't let your teen talk you into more than you can handle.Consider co-hosting the party with the parents of another teen who is also turning 16. By sharing expenses, you may be able to do more for the kids. This is particularly appropriate if the two teens have the same group of friends.Consider the budgets of the young people who will be invited. Having a formal dance, similar to a pr…

New Zealand Bride Trapped in Earthquake Uses Cell Phone to Survive

Seventy-two hours before her wedding a New Zealand bride was sitting at her desk at work in Christchurch, New Zealand when last week's earthquake occurred. The office tower was destroyed and she was trapped on her back in a small space between collasped floors. Finding that her cell phone still worked, she texted her fiance, who worked across the city, to let him know she was alive but buried in the debris.

Her fiance rushed to the scene and assisted rescue workers as they dug through the wreckage, helping free other people as they sought to find the bride. During the six hours leading up to her rescue, the couple continued to text. The groom was able to keep her calm and provide updates on the progress of her rescue.

The bride suffered no injuries in her ordeal and the wedding occurred on time and nearly as planned. The groomsmen lost their suits in the earthquake and the bakery providing the cake was destroyed, but the church and reception center were undamaged. At least 145 pe…

Invitations That Say "No Boxed Gifts"

Have you received a recent invitation containing the phrase "no boxed gifts?"  Did you wonder what they mean - give only "soft" gifts, like linens, not boxed items like toasters? In reality, this is the latest attempt to solicit money as a gift without coming right out and asking for it, which would be a major breach of etiquette. In some Eastern cultures, such as Pakistani or Indian, this term has been traditionally used to indicate a preference for money, not actual gifts. As frequently happens, those in our Western world have adopted the wording and applied it to their own events.

Occasionally, the term is legitimately used, particularly when it refers to someone who may need to ship or transport gifts after a wedding or another party and who cannot take large, bulky items. In that case, giving smaller, "soft," easily packed items is reasonable. However, it shouldn't be printed on the invitation.

From an etiquette perspective, gifts shouldn't b…

RSVPs - Do They Mean Anything Today?

If you have planned an event in the last few years and asked invitees to RSVP, you may have encounted resistance, or, worse yet, people who RSVPed they were coming, but didn't show, leaving you with possibly hundreds of dollars in wasted food. The trend seems to be getting worse with each passing year.

RSVP is French for "Respond, please." It means just that. Invitees need to respond even if they do not plan to attend. Those planning the event need to know how much food to order, how many tables and chairs to rent, how many servers to engage and other issues. Invitations include response cards or a phone number or e-mail for a reason. If guests fail to respond to an invitation to a social event, the hosts may have to spend hours making phone calls. If it is a business event and you fail to respond, you won't be tracked down. Rather, you will be embarrassed when you arrive and are not expected.

In years past, people failed to respond but still came to the event, expec…

Small Business Development Center Celebrates 25 Years

The Idaho Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) will celebrate 25 years of serving Idaho small businesses with a luncheon and small business awards ceremony on February 1st. Lt. Governor Brad Little will speak. Six idaho businesses that used the help of their local SBDC to take their business to the next level will be honored.

Small Business Development Centers are located at colleges and universities around the nation. The six Idaho centers are located at Boise State University in Boise, North Idaho College in Post Falls, Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho State University in Pocatello and at ISU's Idaho Falls campus.

Through the years the ISBDC has been instrumental in helping hundreds of businesses throughout Idaho. Some have gone on to become well-established chains, such as Smoky Mountain Pizza. Many have used the expert advice they received to better serve their customers and to create new jobs.

If you need help with you…

Are You the Victim of Behavioral Target Marketing?

Have you spent time on the Internet searching for resources for your reunion, party, wedding, or another event and then found your e-mail in-box filled with spam from companies offering you everything from the perfect location to the perfect dress to sunglasses for your outdoor event? If so, you are the victim of behavioral target marketing.  Behavioral advertising – the practice of tracking someone’s online activities to deliver targeted advertising – can raise potential privacy issues.

When you visit commercial web sites, those sites may place a "cookie" on your computer. A "cookie" is a small bit of information placed on your computer's hard drive that can later be read back by the business who placed it there. This is useful because the browser "remembers" bits of specific information, such as your choices when filling out a form or survey. Some cookies are temporary; others are permanent and you must remove them from your computer when you delete…

32nd Annual Wedding Party Show

The 32nd annual Wedding Party Show was this weekend. Over 1,150 brides came through along with grooms, parents, friends and others. In total, nearly 5,000 people attended. The show provided an opportunity for brides to connect with over 100 vendors who can provide the services needed for the perfect wedding.

We had the opportunity to discuss locations, decor and other ideas with many of the attendees, including a group of high school students who are planning their prom. We were impressed with the vendors who reached out to the girls, offering discounts to their small school and one who offered to give a discount on tuxedos and donate a portion of each tux rental back to the school. Merchants like that make our community a great place to live. It is going to be a great year for weddings in southern Idaho!

New Charity Plans Weddings for the Terminally Ill

Wish Upon a Wedding is a unique non-profit organization that plans weddings at no cost for a bride or groom suffering from a terminal illness or another life-altering situation. Started in California in January 2010, the organization is only a year old, but already boasts 16 chapters around the country with 14 more scheduled for 2011. In 2010 they planned 13 weddings in locations ranging from Chicago to Houston to California.

Weddings are limited to 50 guests and must occur within 300 miles of a chapter location. WUW can arrange for the bride's gown, groom's attire, photography, venue, catering, music, cake and more. They do not secure clothing for members of the wedding party, alcoholic beverages, and other services that may not directly affect the bride or groom or that may not be available in the wedding location. What they can provide is special memories for the bride and groom and their guests.

If you know someone who is seriously ill and would like to be married, or if y…