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Hotel and Resort Travel Safety Tips

Summer time and the living is easy - and the con men (and women) are out in force. Summer means graduations, reunions, parties and weddings, not to mention vacations, many of which require travel and overnight stays at hotels, resorts and campgrounds. Hitting the road can be fun unless the unexpected happens. Everything from theft to injuries to bedbugs can occur if you aren't careful. The following recommendations will help you enjoy your travel while reducing the negatives.

Hotels/motels/resorts: You may be making your own reservation or booking at a hotel or resort reserved by the wedding or party hosts. If making your own reservation, first check the venue's website. Also check travel rating websites, such as TripAdvisor. On the travel sites you may find some negative comments about minor matters, but if you find warnings or major issues, choose another hotel. Look for information not only about the rooms, but about parking, swimming pools, restaurants and other amenities.

Planning a Graduation Party

It's the time of year for high school and college graduations and the accompanying parties. But what to do and how and where? First, ask your graduate if he/she wants a party. You may be surprised to find your graduate does not, particularly high school boys and those who dislike being the center of attention.

If you decide to have a party, first decide on a date. If out-of-town  relatives plan to visit, consider having it either on graduation day or the next day or two. Before setting the date, check to find out if a school party, such as an all-night party, is planned. Also check with the parents of your student's close friends to learn their plans.

Then, decide who to invite. Your grad may want a larger party that includes family and school and church friends. Or he/she may prefer a friends-only party with a second celebration for family. If your student has a close friend, they may like to have a joint party.