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Reconstruct Fashion Show Returns to Nampa

Do you enjoy offbeat fashion, particularly wedding gowns? If so, you won't want to miss the 6th annual Reconstruct Fashion Show hosted by Flying M Coffee at their Nampa Coffee Garage. This year's theme is "Here Comes the Bride." Contestants will create wedding gowns from recycled, re-purposed and reconstructed items - the more unique the better - for cash prizes. Local clothing stores will also participate in the fashion show, sharing more down to earth apparel. (The photo is of an entry from a previous show.)

Are you an Unknowing Event Promoter?

Event promoter - when we hear that term, we tend to think of large events, such as trade shows and concerts. But did you know that if you invite your neighbor's children to sell cookies at your company's open house, you might be legally considered an event promoter and subject to tax laws? So just who is an event promoter? And how large must the event be?

According to the Idaho State Tax Commission any person or business who allows two or more people to offer products for sale or exchange or charges admission is considered an event promoter (see and for details). This includes church bazaars, swap meets, yard sales not held at a private home (including those held at churches and businesses), business open houses at which friends and family are allowed to sell products, wedding shows, trade shows, non-profit events that charge admission, and more, even if the profits will go to charity.

As an eve…

Tech Cocktail Returns to Boise

Tech Cocktail, the nationwide event that showcases start-up technology companies, returns to Boise April 17. The event enables new technology start-ups to present their businesses to a diverse group of local, regional and national technology company owners, investors and others who may be looking for the next great idea. Event organizers have planned networking activities with the goal of promoting partnerships and alliances to further the growth of Idaho's technology industry.

Start-up companies interested in having their company and products featured should apply at by March 22. Tickets are required to attend and can be purchased on the above website. The event, which is sponsored by the Idaho Technology Council, will be held at the Stueckle Sky Center at Boise State University.

Come on out and show your support for the many diverse technology companies, large and small, doing business in Idaho.

Celebrate Your Employees with a Company Picnic

Though it is only March, it isn't too early to begin planning a company picnic to honor your employees and their efforts on behalf of your business. Company picnics are as varied as businesses. If you have a large number of employees, you may need to hold the event at a park. If, however, you have only a few employees, you might choose to invite them to your home for a barbecue  What you do at the picnic depends on the ages of your employees and their family members and their educational backgrounds. What works for assembly line workers doesn't necessarily work for professionals. Food, of course, is a necessity. Other than that, your budget and the location are the only limiting factors.

If you want to personally limit your time and involvement in the planning, you might hold the picnic at a waterpark or amusement park where entertainment is "built in" and someone else will handle the details, including food. If you prefer your party to be more private, you might hir…