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Planning an Event? There are Apps to Help

Today, in our technology oriented society, if you have a smartphone, an iPad or an iPod, you have access to apps for just about everything, including ones to help you plan your next event. Using an app can't replace the services provided by an event planner, but they may help you stay organized and on-target financially.

The "Event Planning Tools" app by Party Aficionado, an event management firm, can help narrow down  venue choices. It also includes an event budget calculator. Available for Andriod phones for a small fee.

If you are planning a wedding, you may want to check out "Brides Wedding Genius" offered by Brides magazine for free to users of Apple devices. The app contains content from the magazine's advertisers, including a wide array of gowns, bridesmaids' dresses and jewelry options. Users can create a folder to store their favorites, as well as photos from other sources. For $3, Task Tracker, a planning calendar and task reminder, can be added…

Planning a Sweet 16 Party

Turning 16 is a big deal for many teen-agers, especially girls. They want to celebrate in style with their friends; however, it is easy for the planning and costs to get out of hand if mom and dad don't set, and enforce, limits. The following suggestions will help you plan a fun party while keeping the bank account in tact.
Set a budget. Decide how much you can spend and how flexible you are willing to be. It is never a good idea to go into debt for a party. If you can afford only a family dinner with extended family and perhaps a few friends or a pajama party for a group of girls, that is fine. Don't let your teen talk you into more than you can handle.Consider co-hosting the party with the parents of another teen who is also turning 16. By sharing expenses, you may be able to do more for the kids. This is particularly appropriate if the two teens have the same group of friends.Consider the budgets of the young people who will be invited. Having a formal dance, similar to a pr…

New Zealand Bride Trapped in Earthquake Uses Cell Phone to Survive

Seventy-two hours before her wedding a New Zealand bride was sitting at her desk at work in Christchurch, New Zealand when last week's earthquake occurred. The office tower was destroyed and she was trapped on her back in a small space between collasped floors. Finding that her cell phone still worked, she texted her fiance, who worked across the city, to let him know she was alive but buried in the debris.

Her fiance rushed to the scene and assisted rescue workers as they dug through the wreckage, helping free other people as they sought to find the bride. During the six hours leading up to her rescue, the couple continued to text. The groom was able to keep her calm and provide updates on the progress of her rescue.

The bride suffered no injuries in her ordeal and the wedding occurred on time and nearly as planned. The groomsmen lost their suits in the earthquake and the bakery providing the cake was destroyed, but the church and reception center were undamaged. At least 145 pe…