Add Some Fun to Your Event With Goat Yoga

Want to try something differnt for your bachelorette party, a birthday party or just because? Do you like animals? If so, booking a goat yoga session may be just your thing. Yoga sessions occur outdoors in the grass in tune with nature. Pygmie or dwarf goats who are friendly and curious will welcome you to your session. They may or may not stand on your back, but they will interact with you as you practice your yoga session. This is not recommended for very young children, but school-age children should enjoy it. Several places in Idaho now offer goat yoga sessions spring through fall. So gather your friends and prepare to have some relaxing fun.

Covid-19 and Its Affect on Events

With the world-wide outbreak of the coronavirus, we find ourselves navigating uncharted waters. Events are being cancelled or postponed. Merchants are either cooperating or not. Currently, we are asked to keep gatherings at 10 or fewer for the protection of all. I have had events both cancelled and postponed. In one case, the venue wants to move forward, but merchants do not. In another case, the venue is closed but merchants are refusing to reschedule. One thing we are learning from this experience is to read contracts carefully to find out about cancellation policies. In many cases, contracts are designed to protect the vendor in case the event host cancels. Rarely do they protect the event host in case of emergencies like the one we are seeing now. As you read contracts, be sure they include a clause to protect you. If they do not, ask to have one added. If you are planning a wedding, you can still obtain a marriage license, but it may not be in the usual manner with a trip to y

Need Lodging? Consider Renting an AirBnB

You are planning your wedding, a family reunion or another event that will include out of town guests. Maybe your church or another organization is planning a retreat or team building activity and would like participants to stay together in one location. Renting an AirBnB or similar property may be the perfect solution.

Star Barn Closed

Star Barn, located in downtown Star, Idaho, has been a popular and affordable location for weddings, receptions, church and community events. The barn has closed and will be for the foreseeable future while the owners make needed repairs to bring the barn up to code. If you have an event scheduled at the barn in 2019 or 2020, and you have not been contacted by the owners, you will need to contact them as soon as possible. If you would like suggestions on alternative venues, give us a call. We are here to help.

David's Bridal Files Bankruptcy

On Monday, November 19, 2018 David's Bridal filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy . Chapter 11 enables the store to restructure to pay off a massive debt load reportedly in the hundreds of millions of dollars. As part of the restructuring some stores will be closed. There is no word yet on the fate of the Boise store.  If you are considering ordering a gown, as opposed to purchasing off the rack, David's may not be the best choice right now until more is known about the future of the business.

Tips For Reporting Tip Income

Do you provide services for special events, such as DJ services, hair and nail services, photography, catering, limo service or something else? If so, you probably receive tips from satisfied clients. Uncle Sam would like you to share a portion of those tips with him. Tip income must be reported to the IRS and the State Tax Commission as part of your annual income.

New Store Makes Crafting Fun and Affordable

If you are a crafter or need craft supplies for a special project, be sure to visit the Reuse Market. Here you will find a treasure trove of crafting supplies for just about any project. The Market's goal is to keep clean, usable art and craft supplies out of the landfill and place them in the hands of artists, teachers, students and others at a reasonable price.