New Trend: Marrying Yourself

In September an Italian woman married herself in a lavish ceremony complete with white dress, bridesmaids and multi-tiered cake. Missing were a groom, groomsmen and a marriage license. The trend, called "sologamy," is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and Japan.

Tips for Choosing Music for Your Event

Music is an important element at weddings, reunions, company parties and other events. Making just the right choice of whom to engage, however, may be more difficult than you anticipate. Should you choose a DJ, a string ensemble, a band, pianist, harpist, bag pipes or something else? Maybe you want to download your own playlist on a laptop or iPod.

Making Your Yard Into an Event Site

Recently, my back yard was the site of a wedding reception. In the past, we have hosted a rehearsal dinner, graduation parties and other events open to invited guests in addition to family. Perhaps because of this, in recent weeks I have been asked by friends with large yards or unused buildings if they could offer their premises to the public and make a bit of extra income. The short answer is no, not without spending time, money and aggravation to secure required permits.

Planning for the Solar Eclipse

On August 21st a total solar eclipse will occur. Portions of Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and other states will be prime viewing areas, mostly in rural, sparsely populated areas. If you plan to travel somewhere to view the eclipse or want to sell food or memorabilia, be sure you are a good citizen, obeying local laws and showing courtesy to fellow viewers.

Till Death (or Divorce) Do Us Part...

Many couples enter marriage with stars in their eyes; we will be together forever; we will grow old together; nothing can come between us. And then life happens. Life can be messy and hard. A spouse may have an accident or develop a terminal illness. He or she may become mentally incapacitated. He/she might leave the family or become abusive. During times when emotions are running high the last thing you want to deal with is the nitty gritty details of life, but not doing so could have serious, possibly permanent, consequences.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable at Hot Summer Events

Summer time and the living is easy, as the song goes. It is also hot, with average summer daytime temperatures in southern Idaho in the 90s. If you are planning an outdoor event, there are a number of ways to keep your guests from melting in the heat.