Creating and Responding to Requests for Proposals (RFP)

From time to time I receive RFPs from companies, government agencies and non-profits planning a conference, awards banquet or another large community event. Some are detailed, making it easy to respond. Others are very general, making one guess exactly what the planners have in mind. When I receive a general RFP I need to decide whether I have the time to find out what is needed and do the research to provide a detailed, comprehensive proposal. Often I choose not to respond. A poorly prepared RFP can be a sign of a poorly organized planner or planning committee, making the event planner's work more difficult. The event planner should not have to manage the planners, as well as the event.

Destination Wedding Ettiquette

Destination weddings have been popular for years. Couples may choose to save money by combining the wedding and honeymoon at an exotic location, perhaps Hawaii or the Caribbean. But what is the etiquette involved? Things change when the location changes.

After deciding on a location, one of the first decisions couples must make is who to invite, or perhaps not invite. Will it be the bride and groom only, parents and siblings, close friends? Unless the couple is flush with money, guests should expect to pay their own way, which may in itself reduce the guest list.

LinkedIn Privacy Changes

If you are like me, you use LinkedIn to connect with business associates and other contacts around the country or even the globe. However, there can be a downside when you receive all the annoying unsolicited emails and spam sent by those who found your profile. Did you know that LinkedIn places cookies on your profile and shares your information with third parties (worldwide)? Do you know who can see your profile? Do you know people can find you by your phone number or email address?

Are You an Adult or a Child in an Adult Body?

Recently I have encountered brides and grooms, graduates and others in their late teens and early twenties who look like adults and want to be treated as adults but emotionally and socially are stuck in middle school. Could this be you or your child? If so, how do you change your attitude and actions from those of a 12 year old?

When is Too Much Publicity Too Much?

When a couple becomes engaged, are about to embark on a dream vacation, or another personal event is looming on the horizon, the tendency is to tell the world via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other online sites. But doing so could backfire if you are not careful. You could be telling the world, not just your family and friends. And you don't know who may be lurking out there - a former emotionally unstable boy/girl friend, a stalker, a party crasher, or even a burglar who knows your home will be vacant for that great vacation, reunion or even a funeral.

Closet Overflowing? Plan a Clothing Exchange

'Tis the season for gift giving and pre and post-Christmas sales. If your closet wasn't overflowing before, it may be soon. So, what to do with all the duds you or family members rarely wear or have outgrown? Why not plan a clothing exchange.

Do You Have a Disaster Plan for Your Event?

You have a menu, a guest list and a master plan for your big day, maybe even a security plan, but do you have a disaster plan? Depending on the location and time of year when your event will occur, you may need to consider possible issues that could negatively impact your event.

Disasters may include: