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Chocolate Fountains - a New Item on the Local Scene

Have you yet used a chocolate fountain at your event? They are the latest rage all over the country. The fountain is about 3 feet tall and made of tiers of stainless steel. The base contains a motor and pump. Finely cut pieces of chocolate are placed in the base where it melts. The melted chocolate is then pumped up through the center of the fountain and spills down the sides. Guests use skewers to dip fruit, cake, and other items into the cascade of chocolate. Fountains must be used indoors, where they won't attract gnats and other small insects.

High quality chocolate that doesn't contain wax or other additives is used so it doesn't interfere with the working parts of the pump. The machine must be cleaned immediately after use to remove the chocolate before it hardens. Therefore, you won't usually find a chocolate fountain at a rental center. Instead, most belong to small owner-operated businesses. This is a great part-time business for anyone who is looking for a s…

Sawtooth Mountain Wedding

We held our first mountain top wedding in September in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho near Stanley. The ceremony was held on top of Elk Mountain with a great view of Mt. McGowen in the background. Guests drove up the mountain on a narrow one-lane dirt road. After parking, they hiked to the top of the mountain. Even an 85-year-old guest from Iceland made it, as well as someone on crutches. Guests stood during the ceremony, then departed back down the mountain to the reception held in Elk Meadow, about 5 miles away.

Everything had to be trucked into the area from Boise, 128 miles away and over two mountain summits - tent, tables, chairs, linens, dance floor - you name it. We hired a 7-piece rock and soul band that also came from Boise, as did the florist, who personally delivered the flowers. The caterer came from Hailey.

The festivities began two days before when the wedding party and families gathered for a special pre-rehearsal dinner at the Stanley Community Center. The next eveni…