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Guest Attire for a Wedding or Another Event

In today's casual society we tend to think it doesn't matter how we dress to attend a special event. In reality, it matters a great deal. You don't want to embarrass yourself, your spouse or date, your family and most of all, you shouldn't want to embarrass your hosts. As an example, at a recent party two teenaged girls arrived wearing two-piece swim suits covered by t-shirts they had cut down the sides nearly to the waist, thus showing most of the swim suits. It was not a pool party; rather, it was a sophisticated birthday event held at a special venue nowhere near water. Inappropriate attire? Demeaning to the guest of honor? Exhibitionism? Totally.

At a recent wedding two women arrived looking like exotic dancers. One even flaunted her underwear and her garter belt. Inappropriate? Tawdry? Demeaning to the bride and groom? Absolutely.

At another wedding, the invitation clearly stated the ceremony would be held at a cathedral, yet a gentleman arrived wearing shorts a…

Friday the 13th Wedding

Jennifer is a bride who knows her own mind and who has a style that is totally her own. She chose to be married on Friday the 13th, considering it a lucky day, not a bad one. Following are a few photos from the big day.

The cake with an El Dia de Los Muertos
skeleton bride and groom topper

The ring bearer's pillow (laying on suckers on the candy table)

Lighting the sky lanterns - they are safe and biodegradable.

 Cherie, who performed the ceremony

 The chocolate moustaches were a big hit.

Wanted: Day-of Wedding Coordinator

You are planning your wedding and you are beginning to realize just how many details are involved, particularly on the wedding day. You won't have time or opportunity to do anything; you have a hair appointment; you need to dress; you will be taking photos, and on and on.

Can Mom be your day-of coordinator? No, she will be in the photos and you want her to enjoy the day. Can Aunt Martha do it? Maybe, but will she want to miss the festivities to spend her time rushing around in the background? So, your best option is to hire a day-of wedding coordinator. Right? Maybe.

Myth: A day-of coordinator can be hired shortly before the wedding, after all the details are in place.

Reality: If you wait, you may not be able to find a knowledgeable and experienced coordinator. (Beware the person who is hoping you will be her first client.) Coordinators book months, sometimes a year or more, in advance. They book day-of events just like they book events at which they are assisting with the plann…