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Hiring and Working With a DJ

This evening another event planner and I were invited to speak to a recently formed association of local DJs who are trying to improve the image of their industry. There is a trend with the current economy to not hire a DJ. In some cases it is a cost issue. In others, it is because of a bad past experience with a DJ. The group wanted to know what clients look for when interviewing and hiring a DJ. The following thoughts came out of the discussion.

Clients want to know that their DJ and other professionals working at their event will provide the best possible experience; they want to know that the DJ is there to serve them and help make them and their event successful.

Clients want to meet their DJ in advance; they don’t like having a stranger show up at their event. They want someone they know and with whom they can share any special issues related to their family or another situation. They don’t want to be blindsided by insensitive, and possibly embarrassing, actions, even if it’s u…

Wedding Trends for 2009

I read an article that stated that the number of weddings held in 2009 will hold steady at about 2.2 million nationwide. However, as we have all observed, the economy is changing the way we plan events. The article suggested the following as current national trends: Smaller weddings with fewer guests Destination or destination-type weddings closer to home Accent colors on dresses and cakes with the most popular being greens and blues Increased reliance on family and friends to help plan, pay, and provide some of the services Increased use of green "eco-friendly" products and services Simplified decorations, centerpieces and wedding invitations Increased use of online RSVP's vs. traditional mail-in RSVPs Off-peak weddings - mornings, afternoons, Fridays, Sundays; October becomes the new June Buffet meals, hors d'oeuvre, and cocktail receptions Cheesecakes, cupcakes and miniature cakes instead of a traditional wedding cake Though these may be national trends, so…