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Return of the Potluck Reception?

Last weekend I participated in our largest annual wedding show in this area. Nearly 800 brides came through. In visiting with them and with other vendors, it was apparent that one way couples are reducing costs is by reducing the amount they spend on food. Several couples are choosing to have a potluck reception rather than hiring a caterer. Though it is considered bad manners to ask guests to help with the expenses of a wedding, which you are technically doing when you have a potluck, many people seem to be happy to help. I worked with one couple who had a potluck reception last year and it was a great success. The bride and groom provided the meat, beverages, and wedding cake and guests provided the side dishes. Before going this route, however, be sure your family and friends won't find it rude to be asked to bring a dish.

Another trend we saw was people choosing to have a caterer or restaurant drop-off food, then having the coordinator and her staff oversee the buffet table. …