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Guest Book Alternatives

You are planning Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary party, a wedding or a special birthday party and you want to remember who attended but the typical guest book seems boring and outdated. When the party is over it will remain in the bottom of a drawer somewhere to be looked at perhaps once every 10 years. What to do? Today, with advances in technology and lifestyles, numerous alternatives to the old fashioned guest book are available. The following are just a few ideas.

Photo book - It is easy and relatively inexpensive to create a photo book either on-line or through a photo processing center, such as Costco. Planning an anniversary party? Create a book containing photos of the couple through the years beginning with their wedding photo. Planning a wedding? Create a book containing photos of the couple during their relationship. Leave enough white space around the photos for guests to sign.

Cook book - If the guest of honor enjoys cooking, choose a special cookbook, perhaps desserts,…

Personalize Your Special Event to Reflect Your Style

Too often when planning a special event, we think back to what friends or business associates have done and we repeat the same thing - same type of venue, same menu, same activities. We may be afraid to think creatively for fear that business associates, family or friends will raise an eyebrow, or worse yet, question our judgement. But why be predictable and boring? Why not do something different - it doesn't have to be a radical change. Don't be afraid to experiment and think creatively. You can express your personality and tastes at your special event in a variety of ways to create an event your family and friends will long remember. The following ideas will help your creative juices begin flowing.
Choose colors and decor that express your personality. Do you like orange and fuschia together? Go for it. Like a rustic outdoorsy feel? Wonderful. Like Scottish plaids? Use them everywhere.Don't add a theme that doesn't seem natural. Adding an ethnic touch or a garden them…