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50th Birthday Casino Night Party

This has been an interesting season, with a number of bookings on short notice. One of the most interesting was a 50th birthday party that occurred last week-end. The lady who was celebrating her birthday is a silent films afficionado and she wanted to have a costume party reflecting that era. The party was held at her home where we created a Prohibition-era speak easy, complete with a gambling den, secret password to enter, and two young men (her grandsons) with Tommy guns to greet guests as they arrived.

After checking local resources for a casino party, the most reasonable option was to rent the tables and then hire actors from a local community theater to serve as dealers. One of them failed to show up, but those who did were most entertaining. The hostess said her guests had a great time and it was one of the most unique parties she has held.

In the process of planning the party, I learned that theater companies are a great resource for many things, from actors who will help the…