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Liven up Your Next Conference or Training Meeting for Greater Productivity

What happens when your business or association holds a conference or training meeting? Is it the same old, same old? Do you gather together, sit at tables and listen to speakers or view a satellite presentation for hours on end? Are people bored, jet lagged, or simply uninterested in the topic at hand and attending only because they must? If so, think creatively, liven up your meetings and give your attendees a reason to be there.

One way to gain momentum is to begin the day with a special activity such as a golf lesson or time at a driving range or another interactive activity. Follow the activity with lunch and a work session. Depending on the nature of your business, attendees might start the day by participating in a volunteer activity followed by lunch and the meeting. Such activities increase networking, build team spirit and creativity, making the following work session more productive.

Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses

With literally thousands of color and style combinations to choose from, a bride-to-be can easily become overwhelmed when deciding what her bridesmaids should wear. One of the best ways to begin narrowing down the choices is to consider the wedding plans already made. The time of day of the wedding, the time of year, the location and the figures of the bridesmaids all play into the final decision, as does cost.

Time of day - If a formal evening ceremony is planned, the bridesmaids might wear either long dresses or shorter ones falling just below the knee to mid-calf (tea length). If the wedding will be held in the afternoon, then only shorter dresses are worn by both the bridesmaids and the mothers. (Mothers tend to make more mistakes than bridesmaids when choosing their dresses, often overdressing rather than considering the formality of the wedding.)

Time of year - Unless the wedding will occur in a semi-tropical location, the time of year is important when choosing appropriate att…

Consider Having Your Reunion or Retreat at an Idaho State Park

Are you planning to get the extended family together for a reunion? Want to plan a family camp or retreat for your church or organization? If so, one of Idaho's many state parks may be just the place. Several offer cabins, RV hook-ups and camp sites for multi-day events in summer. Others are available for day use only or offer overnight accommodations in summer and early fall.

Each state park provides opportunites for differing activities and accommodations. If you are planning a summer event and boating, water skiing, fishing or hiking are in the plans, you might choose Dworshak State Park near Orofino or Priest Lake State Park, both in north Idaho. If you prefer a winter outing with snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, several parks will fit your needs, including Harriman State Park in eastern Idaho near Yellowstone. Want to camp in yurts rather than tents? Several state parks offer that option.

Should you or a family member decide to have a country wedding, vow r…

My Facility Has an Event Coordinator. Why Should I Hire a Personal One?

You chose a hotel for your reception and they have an event coordinator on staff, so why do I need to pay to hire someone? We hear that question frequently. Many larger venues and churches have on-site event coordinators, sometimes called event sales managers. People planning a special event are frequently confused about the duties of the on-site coordinator and the difference between that person and a personal event or wedding coordinator or planner. The differences are many.