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Thanks for a Great Year

As this year draws to a close, we look back with gratitude at the diversity of events we have had the opportunity to be a part of and the many new friends we have met, as well as old friends whose support and encouragement we appreciate so much.

This has been a year of meeting new friends from throughout the world, from Kenya to Honduras and places in between. We have had the opportunity to serve our clients from Sun Valley to McCall, Stanley, Twin Falls and into eastern Oregon. We have represented them at technology and medical conferences, planned incentive travel trips and helped celebrate special family events from weddings to anniversary parties, vow renewals, special birthday parties and more.

We are grateful for the professionals in our community who have helped make our events successful, particularly the ones who have been willing to step in and pick up the pieces when necessary.

As 2013 approaches, we look forward to another year of excitement and new opportunities. May you…

Tips for Surviving Wedding Show Season

Wedding show season is fast approaching in southwestern Idaho beginning with the 34th annual Wedding Party Show January 5 and 6, 2013 at Boise Centre on the Grove. The Wedding Party Show is the area's oldest and largest show, attracting upwards of 1,000 brides, plus grooms, mothers, sisters and others for a total attendance of over 5,000. Over 100 merchants, including caterers, photographers, florists, musicians and DJs, wedding planners, venue owners and others will be available to share ideas and discuss your wedding plans.

The Wedding Party show will be followed in quick succession by three smaller shows to be held in various locations around the valley. With so many shows so close together, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The following tips will help you navigate wedding show mania without succumbing to pressure and stress.
The primary reason to attend a wedding show is to gather information. Rarely do brides book merchants at a show, nor should they unless they have previous…

When its Appropriate to be Your Own Event Coordinator and When its Not

Literally thousands of events occur every day in this country, the majority of them without professional help. So, when is it appropriate to plan and coordinate your own event and when should you contact a professional? You can usually successfully plan and/or coordinate your own event when:
the party, meeting or other event will be small and informalyou are planning a drop-in event to last only two or three hoursa limited amount of food and beverage will be served and you can manage it by yourselfyou are planning a birthday party for a young child. Most parents are not interested in paying for help unless they are planning a Sweet 16 or another major have the time and expertise to do it all yourself and still enjoy your guests You need to call a professional when:
the success or failure of the event might affect your career or reputationthe meeting or conference involves professional continuing education credit and the accrediting organization requires the involvement of a me…