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Couple Weds on the Moon

She wanted a wedding that would be out of this world, but the couple was on a tight budget and the moon is over 238,000 miles away. So, the couple chose the best alternative and got married in the moonscape exhibit at Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. The couple and the minister stood in the barren Taurus-Littrow Valley, where the Apollo 17 astronauts landed in December 1972. The wedding party stood on Mars, another exhibit a few feet away. This was the Planetarium's first moon wedding, but it probably won't be the last.

Which State has the Best Wedding Weather?

Farmers Almanac has been around for many, many years. As the name suggests, the book was originally written to assist farmers with planting and harvesting. Want to know when the moon will be full? Consult the Almanac. Want to know the best days to cut and bale hay? Consult the Almanac. Today, however, the Almanac has diversified to include all types of weather forecasting and everything weather-related.

A few months ago the Almanac ran a contest to determine the states having the best and worst weather for outdoor weddings. The results were all in fun and based on entries from the public, not on any scientific data. And the winners are ---- South Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, and North Dakota, assuming you don't mind the humidity in some of those locations. Texas was the big loser. Readers' stories included tales of freezing rain in April, flash floods, and miserably hot temperatures. No one from Idaho entered the contest. If they had, readers might have heard about rain, …

Party Crasher is Actually a Thief

She came without an invitation; she left with cards containing cash, checks and gift cards. A Spokane, WA woman has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for felony grand theft for stealing gift cards and personal checks at a wedding in Lewiston, Idaho last summer. The theft was discovered when the couple opened gifts with family and friends, some of whom realized that their card and its contents was missing. Fortunately, one family member is a police officer and remembered seeing the woman, a former high school classmate, at the reception. He knew she was not an acquaintance of the bride or groom and she acted nervous when he talked with her and she left soon after.

Family and friends gave police information about the stolen gift cards and stores were alerted to watch for them. Soon, Macys, Home Depot, Costco and other businesses reported a woman of the same description using the cards. In some instances, she produced a driver's license for identification. Gift cards purchased by cre…