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Did You Spend Too Much on Your Event? Drowning in Debt? Help is Available

Your event is over. You had a wonderful time; your guests loved the food, decor and music. Now the credit card bills are arriving and you realize you spent way beyond your budget. What to do? Unfortunately, you may need to tighten your belt and eat beans for the next few months until the bills are paid. But you can prevent this from happening in the future.

Compassion International's Mobile Experience Coming to Meridian, Idaho

We in America are blessed with homes, food, clothing, cars, access to education and many other things we take for granted. Much of the world's population lives in dire poverty and filth, wondering where the next meal will come from or who might break into the dirt-floored hut they call home. To help us privileged Americans begin to grasp the reality of poverty in developing nations, Compassion International ( developed the Compassion Experience, two large trailers containing the stories of children, now adults, whose lives were changed because they were sponsored children. As you walk through the Experience, you can see and hear what is real life for many of the world's children.