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Planning a Reunion in 2011?

Reunions are big business and a great way to stay connected with extended family, former classmates, and others. According to Reunions magazine, approximately 350,000 reunions occur each year. The largest share, about 200,000, are family reunions. Class reunions account for over 100,000 with military and other types of reunions, such as fraternity, sorority, or those devoted to a hobby or sport making up the balance. The average attendance per reunion is 50.

Having a reunion tends to be recession-proof, but the decisions involved may be scaled back to accommodate the budgets of the majority of attendees. According to the Washington Travel Industry Association, over 1 million adults and children living in Washington attend a family reunion each year, many of which are held in city parks. Parks are affordable and tend to offer a variety of activities, from museums, zoos and play grounds to baseball diamonds and tennis courts.

As you begin planning your reunion you will need to decide h…

Royal Engagement Boosts British Economy

When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in October he created a marketing frenzy that is having a huge impact on the British economy. Designers and manufacturers of commerative items are rushing to get their merchandise into stores before the April 29 wedding. Travel agents, airlines, car rentals, hotels and restaurants are all gearing up for the influx of royal guests and celebrity watchers. Media sales are booming, everything from newspapers and magazines to DVDs. All want those exclusive interviews and photos that lead to increased revenue.

The bride-to-be has become a fashion icon to be emulated, like her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. Copies of the dresses and gowns she wears fly off the racks. Discounted copies are even bigger sellers.

Even Kate Middleton's parents are benefitting. Sales at the mail order business they own, Party Pieces (, have increased dramatically in recent months.

Now, if we had an American equivalent of a royal couple, t…