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You Plan to Start on Time? Really? Really!

Have you ever attended an event where you sat around wondering when things would get started? Maybe you waited 20 or 30 minutes or more with no communication from the hosts. A few years ago I received an invitation to a relative's wedding with instructions to call a friend of the bride's mother to RSVP. When I called, I explained that I had a wedding rehearsal that evening so I would be attending only the reception. The person responded, "We won't be starting on time, so you shouldn't be late." What? Excuse me! This was several weeks before the wedding yet they intentionally planned to start late.

Beginning an event late, whether intentionally or because of an unforeseeable situation, is extremely rude and disrespectful of everyone's time. The guests didn't arrive at the stated time only to be held hostage, possibly in the heat and/or on uncomfortable chairs, while the hosts scurry around in the background finishing dressing or adding the last touches…

Say "No" to the Dress

On the television show, "Say 'Yes' to the Dress," brides travel to a fashionable salon in New York City to choose a gorgeous and flattering one-of-a-kind gown - one that makes the bride feel like a princess on her special day. But is there ever a time to say "no" to the dress? Oh, yes.

Not all designers desire to create beautiful and flattering gowns. Some choose instead to focus on the shock value of a bride walking down the aisle in a dress that reveals more than what may be considered tasteful. Consider, for example, the dress on the right with its see-thru midriff. It looks as if it more appropriately belongs in a lingerie shop, not a bridal salon. Not only is hubby getting a peek at what is to come, but so are all the men on the guest list.

Or consider this gown on the left; elegant, but not really appropriate for a wedding. Be very careful on the dance floor.

The gown, below on the right, is perhaps the ultimate in tacky. Makes you wonder what the "…

Invite a Food Truck to your Next Event

Food trucks are hot right now (pun intended). Need to grab a quick lunch? Want a snack? Local trucks can fill just about any craving, from tacos to cupcakes and ice cream. So why not delight your attendees or guests by inviting a food truck to visit your next event.

If you are planning a business meeting, break up the day by hosting lunch at a food truck or two rather than serving a typical restaurant or catered meal. Planning a birthday party for a child or a teen? Invite an ice cream truck and/or a cupcake truck to join you. Make it a surprise and really delight the guests.

If you are planning a festival or another community event, holding soccer or little league play offs or a school carnival, invite several trucks to share their fare. Local trucks offer a wide variety of foods, including Asian, Cajun and soul, Greek gyros, tacos, even British style fish and chips, as well as ice cream and cupcakes. Monthly food truck rallies are held in the Boise and Nampa areas at which a number…