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Make Your Event Really Cool with an Ice Sculpture

Want to add a really cool - literally - and elegant feature to your event decor? If so, you might order a custom-designed ice sculpture or ice bowl. We are fortunate to have a local master ice carver, Danny Spangler, owner of Ice is Nice in Star, who can create just about any design you want, whether it be a romantic design for your wedding reception or anniversary party, your corporate logo, sports team logo or another design. Size is not an issue; Danny has created very large designs as well as smaller ones, depending on your budget and space limitations.

An ice sculpture will create a focal point for your party. If you prefer something useful as well as decorative, you might order one or two ice bowls. The bowls come in a wide variety of styles, which can include fresh fruit or flowers frozen into the design. The bowl contains a plastic liner that can be filled with punch, salad or a couple bottles of your favorite wine or champagne. A light placed under the bowl highlights the des…

Choosing a Photographer for Your Special Event

As we gear up for the summer event season, photographers will be in demand to cover everything from Grandma's 90th birthday party to a wedding, graduation party, reunion or another special event. Unfortunately, all photographers are not created equal. There are good ones and there are really bad ones. Your event will occur only once, so you want the best possible photos. Because most people rarely hire a professional photographer, they are often unsure how to evaluate one. Therefore, the following tips will help you make the best choice for your money (and your memories).

First and foremost, check the photographer's web site. Do you see photos of other events like yours? Are most of the photos studio shots or were they taken at other locations as well? Are all or most of the photos posed, or do you see movement and spontaneity? Can you see the subject's entire body, if appropriate, or do you see people with missing feet, legs, or tops of heads? Are there heavy shadows, ind…

Fast-growing Local Company Celebrates Anniversary

Congratulations to Boise company InDepth Solutions on the celebration of their 5th anniversary. Employees, family and friends - 180 strong - gathered recently at Boise State University for a fantastic party with great food, music and interactive entertainment. Here is to many more years.