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Legislature Fails to Pass Cottage Food Bill

Chances are at some time you have purchased baked goods prepared in a home kitchen. Did you know that is illegal in Idaho? Idaho law requires food sold to the public to be prepared in a commercial kitchen that is regularly inspected and licensed by the health department. Commercial kitchens are expensive to install and must be in a locked area away from the home kitchen.

Planning a Special Event: Don't Let Cost Dictate and Cause Poor Decisions

"Need a professional florist to provide centerpieces for our conference. Must be cheap."

"In search of a photographer for 6 hours. I can pay $500. Event is in...... (1.5 hours away)"

I participate in several event forums. The above are examples of some of the requests posted. Though the person making the request is serious, she/he has most likely not spent time researching costs to learn what the local market considers a reasonable charge for a florist or a photographer. The person asking for a cheap florist may end up with very old flowers poorly arranged and possibly an astronomical delivery fee. The person seeking a photographer on such a limited budget may get someone who has never photographed an event and the photos could be a disaster.