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Choosing the Perfect Dessert

Every event needs food but what kind and how much is up to you. Most events end with a dessert of some type, so why not make it spectatular. No longer is cake the first dessert of choice. Whether you are planning a wedding, an anniversary party, or a special birthday celebration, serve the dessert you or the guest of honor likes most. It might be pie, cheesecake, or a buffet of mini bite-sized desserts. If you love ice cream, serve ice cream sandwiches or ice cream baked potatoes.

One of the latest dessert sensations is the French croquembouche. This spectactular dessert is actually a tower of individual cream puffs held together with a light caramel glaze. You might fill the puffs with traditional vanilla cream or with chocolate cream or another flavored cream of your choice. We served this dessert at a wedding, to the delight of the guests, particularly the men. Your guests will love your innovative choice, no matter what it might be.