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Hen Parties Aren't Just for Chickens

I recently returned from Ireland where hen parties are all the rage. We saw several occurring in several cities. So what is a hen party? It is a glorified bachelorette party attended by not just the bridesmaids, but any female close to the bride, including the mothers of the bride and groom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, bridesmaids, and close friends. It is not unusual to see twenty or more ladies parading through the streets, each wearing matching T-shirts and sashes designating their relationship to the bride.

Don't Allow a "Guestzilla" to Ruin Your Event

We are familiar with bridezillas, momzillas and even groomzillas, but how about guestzillas - those who think  others should accept and accommodate their selfish, often immature, behavior. Guestzillas take many forms. It may be the parent who insists that their child attend your party or wedding rather than placing junior in the nursery you so graciously arranged. When the child is loud or disruptive, the parents allow such behavior to continue rather than removing the child.

Or how about the guestzilla who didn't return the RSVP then becomes upset to discover they don't have a place card, a designated seat and no food was ordered for them. Rather than being embarrassed by their lack of manners, they blame the hosts, who "should have known we were coming." A similar guestzilla is the person who loudly complains about the food not fitting their particular diet or tastes.

Then there is the guestzilla who drinks too much and becomes embarrassingly loud or engages in que…