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Wedding in a Rural Community

I just returned from a wedding reception held in Joseph, Oregon, a picturesque community in the Wallowa Mountains four hours from Boise. Planning an event to be held in a rural community four hours from the nearest rental center and three hours from the nearest caterer can be a challenge. It requires creativity and the assistance of numerous friends and family.

The couple married at the court house several months ago. This was their "official" reception for family and friends from Illinois, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California. About 125 guests attended. The reception was held at a retreat center located next to the city park and along the Wallowa River. The center included a large two story lodge with two kitchens and sleeping space for 32, large lawn, and an area away from the main building for a campfire.

The couple and their friends erected a "tent" by placing an orange Forest Service parachute on metal poles. Tables and chairs were borrowed from the comm…