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LinkedIn Privacy Changes

If you are like me, you use LinkedIn to connect with business associates and other contacts around the country or even the globe. However, there can be a downside when you receive all the annoying unsolicited emails and spam sent by those who found your profile. Did you know that LinkedIn places cookies on your profile and shares your information with third parties (worldwide)? Do you know who can see your profile? Do you know people can find you by your phone number or email address?

Are You an Adult or a Child in an Adult Body?

Recently I have encountered brides and grooms, graduates and others in their late teens and early twenties who look like adults and want to be treated as adults but emotionally and socially are stuck in middle school. Could this be you or your child? If so, how do you help them (or you) change your (their) attitude and actions from those of a 12 year old?