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Wedding Trend: Vegetable Bouquets

Leave it to the practical British to include more than flowers in wedding bouquets. Some of my brides have used ornamental artichokes and miniature lemons and limes for several years. Now, brides are taking it to a new level, using broccoli, ornamental kale and cabbage, even tomatoes, in their bouquets.

The bouquet on the left contains several tomatoes, as well as artichokes and kale. (Just be careful about crushing the tomatoes and ruining your gown.) This arrangement is best used at a casual outdoor wedding, perhaps one occurring on a farm.

The bouquet on the right contains broccoli and dried lime slices. The addition of white roses balances the arrangement and prevents the edibles from overpowering it. Again, a bouquet like this is better suited for an outdoor, casual wedding.  

If including vegetables in your bouquet suits your style, be sure your florist agrees. Not all florists are adept at inserting an item such as tomatoes, which are delicate and can be messy, into a bouquet …