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New Trend: Naked Bride? Nope - Naked Cake

When you think of naked, do you think of cake? Not usually, but some bakers do. A naked cake is one devoid of icing so the filling/fillings show through. Christina Tosi, chef and owner of Milk Bar, a bakery with locations in New York and Toronto, is credited with starting the trend. The idea is to let the elements of the cake shine through rather than covering them with a layer of icing.

Want Something Different for your Event? Try a Crepe Cake

Do you love crepes in all their goodness? If so, you will love the crepe cakes made by Petite Reve Chocolates of Ventura, CA. The cake pictured contains 300 very thin crepes (its bigger than it looks) filled with vanilla cream and dusted with powdered sugar. If you prefer another filling flavor, such as chocolate, lemon, coffee or raspberry perhaps, any would be delicious. The next time you want to wow your guests, whether it be a wedding, anniversary party or another event, get out the mixing bowls and try your hand at making your own crepe cake.