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Fund your Non-profit Event with a Silent Auction

Is your non-profit, school or church seeking funding for a special event or activity? Have you held a silent auction in the past but found it time consuming to pick up the donations and, after all your work, the auction response was limited? If so, you may want to try This on-line site allows you to create a cyber silent auction in connection with your special event or to raise funds before your event or for a special project. 

By using this site, merchants who donate goods can keep the goods and then deliver them directly to the winner, eliminating time and storage space for the organization holding the auction. Cyber auctions also make your fund raiser available to a much wider range of viewers. You can contact friends and business associates around the world and ask them to support your event by placing a bid on-line.

Auctionfrogs is the brain child of a Treasure Valley woman, so when you use it, you support both a local business and a woman-owned business. For i…

The Role of Grooms and Dads in Wedding Planning

I was interviewed by a reporter for the New York Times for an article that appeared on April 4 about the role of the groom and his family in wedding planning. Perhaps it is more common out West, but most of my grooms are involved in the wedding planning process and have been for over ten years. In many cases the couple are professionals in their late twenties or their thirties when they marry. They make all the decisions together, and often they pay for the wedding themselves with little or no help from either of their families.

The reporter was surprised when I mentioned the increasing involvement of fathers of the bride in the planning. Again, that has been occurring for the last eight or ten years. The fathers seem to be particularly interested in choosing  the location/locations and the catering. Sometimes they attend a few of our meetings with merchants. In other cases, they attend them all.

The increasing involvement of grooms and dads reflects the trend for both families and t…

Bouquet Toss Causes Plane Crash

The bride wanted to do something unique at her wedding reception so she decided to have the bouquet toss occur from an airplane. The couple rented a small Autogiro to fly over the reception at a particular time with a friend in the passenger seat to toss the bouquet to a group of single women waiting below. (An Autogiro is a Spanish-designed rotary-wing aircraft that uses a propeller for forward motion and a rotating, unmotorized rotor on top for lift. The plane looks much like a cross between a small two-passenger aircraft and a helicopter.)

As the passenger tossed the bouquet, wind pressure caused it to fly backwards into the tail rotor, causing the plane's engine to catch fire and explode and the plane to crash. As the horrified wedding guests watched, the plane crashed into woods near a youth hostel where 50 children were staying. Both the pilot and the passenger survived, but the bouquet tossing passenger suffered facial and head injuries and two broken legs.

Moral of the sto…