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Virtual Meetings - Here to Stay?

I've been hired to manage the local portion of a national training meeting. The meeting will be broadcast simultaneously to over 70 cities where business managers and invited guests of a national company will gather at local movie theaters. Renting the theaters and hiring local event planners to oversee the meetings will cost plenty, but not nearly as much as flying several hundred attendees to a central location and paying for their food and lodging. This method is also much faster and more efficient than sending one or two trainers around the country to hold meetings at individual or regional sites. The virtual meetings allow a new product and its marketing campaign to be rolled out to the entire company at once.

Through the use of technology, my daughter-in-law, who lives in Scotland, is able to telecommunte to her employer in Wisconsin. Granted, with the time difference, there are challenges. To include her in staff meetings via Skype, the meetings must be held in the morning…

Caribbean Wedding or Honeymoon?

I've recently returned from a week in the Caribbean. What a beautiful place! The water is turquoise; the beaches are fine, white sand. The palm trees are lovely. The temperature was mild and the water warm in early February. Most of the people were friendly and welcoming.

If you are considering a destination wedding, you may want to think about having it at one of the many island resorts or hotels. Many offer all-inclusive packages that include the ceremony and a photographer plus a small reception for you and your guests.

The Caribbean would also be a nice honeymoon destination, particularly if you like to snorkle or scuba dive. We particularly enjoyed Grand Cayman with its mix of tropical and European influences. It is a coral island, so the diving is excellent. Plus, there is the romance of the history of pirates on nearly every street corner.