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Don't Let Salmonella Ruin your Event

The bride and groom were on a tight budget so she agreed to let a friend who works in a restaurant handle the food preparation and service for the reception. That evening the bride met a number of her guests at the emergency room, all, including her, suffering from food poisoning. The culprit was determined to be improperly stored Ranch dressing, which had been made in advance and left at room temperature for several hours.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Bouquets: a New Trend

Wedding season is fast approaching. Each year brides seek to do something different, something their friends have not yet done, something to set their wedding apart without bending tradition too much. A current trend is mismatched bridesmaids' bouquets. Some brides choose to give each attendant a bouquet containing one of the flowers in the bride's bouquet - roses for one lady; calla lilies for another and freesia for yet another. Other brides bestow their bridesmaids with brightly colored bouquets of unrelated flowers, making all the bouquets totally different. Done carefully, the look can be most pleasing. Done poorly, it looks chaotic. To pull off the look, colorful flowers should be used. The differences will be lost if all bouquets are white or pale pink.