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Celebrate the Holidays With a Cookie Exchange

Cookies and holidays go together. This is the time of year when families pull out their favorite cookie recipes even if they haven't baked all year. You can add to your recipe collection and try new cookies by organizing a cookie exchange. The exchange can be its own special event or it can be combined with another holiday activity. If you would like to get to know your neighbors, invite them over for coffee and cookies and add a cookie exchange. Or plan one at your church to coincide with a hoilday program or coffee hour. You might also arrange to exchange cookies with your work associates during the lunch hour one day. To plan an exchange, ask each person or family to bring homemade cookies (no store-bought ones, please) to munch and a dozen cookies on a separate plate to exchange. The host can provide paper plates and perhaps large zip-lock bags as well. Then, each family or person who brought cookies goes around and chooses a dozen cookies to take home. The biggest problem will…

Don't Forget About Parking When Planning Your Event

If you plan to invite many guests to your event, chances are most will arrive by car and they will need a place to park. Many hotels and conference centers have parking lots. Others are located in areas where on-street parking is available. If your facility doesn't have adequate parking, you may need to rent a trolley, van, or bus to transport guests from and back to their hotel or a public parking area.

If you are planning an event to be held at a private home, street parking may not be an option for a large number of cars. If the cars block a narrow street, they could be ticketed and even towed for blocking a fire lane (this actually happened at an event held in McCall). Be sure to check with neighbors and with the fire department if you are planning an event at a private home.

If your event will be held at a college, university, or a business that allows only students or employees who have permits to park in their lot, you will need to contact the school or business and obtain…