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Medieval Wedding at Eagle Winery

Our first Medieval wedding was held June 19th at a winery. The groom looked like Henry VIII. The father of the bride was Merlin, complete with long white beard and hair. The minister was dressed as Friar Tuck. The catering staff all dressed as jesters. The bride found her gown, complete with bishop's sleeves, at a local bridal salon. About a third of the guests, including yours truely, were in costume.

The ceremony occurred in front of a waterfall. Dinner was served family-style at long tables and included whole turkey legs for true Henry VIII authenticity. The couple did, however, add a modern wedding cake. It was decorated with fleur de lis and griffens and topped with two pewter dragons forming a heart. They cut the cake with a dagger. It was a fun and unusual wedding, one we will long remember.