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Add Drama to Your Event by Including a Four Footed or Winged Participant

If you think children are unpredictable at an event, try adding animals. I have had dog ringbearers, horses, doves (really white pigeons) and even an errant cow or two wander through an event. However, a couple in England took things to a new level when they included a barn owl in their wedding. Yes, an owl.

Including Smartphones and Tablets at Your Next Event - the Good and the Bad

Today it seems everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet. We use them for everything, from making and receiving phone calls to surfing the web to ordering flowers for your wedding or a gift for a conference speaker. Some of my clients have created personal apps to share wedding or reunion photos. Business clients create apps for their conferences through which attendees can track activities and speakers, connect with one another and more.

Last year I worked at a technology conference in Sun Valley. Attendees were instructed not to bring business cards, but to create a QR code with their contact information. They then scanned each other's smartphones to download contact information directly into their databases.

The technology applications are limitless. However, not all consumers have had good experiences. In May, Skava, a provider of e-commerce solutions for retailers, surveyed over 2,000 on-line shoppers, 744 of whom reported using their smartphone or tablet for shopping. Nearly…