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Money Magazine's Wedding Cost Planner

The article below is from Money magazine's most recent issue. Much of the information seems fairly accurate for an Idaho wedding except the cost of clothing. Most brides don't pay over $1,200 just for a gown; the gown, veil, shoes and jewelry maybe. The cost to rent a tux is a bit high as well.
I was also surprised to see the percentage of bride's parents who pay for the wedding. In this area, the costs are more often covered by both sets of parents and the bride and groom, though not usually equally. 

Be Aware of Local Ordinances When Planning an Outdoor Event

You found the perfect outdoor venue for your wedding, graduation or birthday party or another event. But the property manager says your event must end at 10 p.m. What a killjoy! No, not really. She/he is complying with local noise ordinances. Every city and many counties have a noise ordinance requiring loud music and other noisy activities, such as shouting, clapping or engine noise, to end at a particular time. The ordinance is for the benefit of neighbors who want to sleep or enjoy their own yards and homes without interference from your event.