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Ramblings and Time to Catch Up

It has been awhile, quite awhile in fact, since I last posted. During that time my computer's mother board crashed, necessitating the purchase of a new computer. Of course, it came with a newer operating system which isn't compatible with anything, so that meant replacing much of my software and my printer/scanner.

To complicate the situation, Microsoft has stopped supporting FrontPage, which is what I used to update my web site. They now offer Expression Web2, which is not as user friendly as FrontPage, so another learning curve.

As if enough wasn't going on, I took two weeks out of the busy month of June to take my granddaughter to Alaska and the Yukon. It was a fantastic trip and well worth missing a couple of weeks of work.

Now I am finding myself running in several directions at once. Suddenly a myriad of calls have come in for events in 2009 - woo hoo! I am also working with a local hotel to test the market for a new kind of week-end event package. Hopefully more in…