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Honeyfund Honeymoon Registry - as Seen on Shark Tank

Are you planning a wedding, but can't afford the honeymoon? You may be interested in yet another honeymoon registry website. This one, Honeyfund, claims to be free, unlike other similar sites. The site is the brainchild of a couple married a few years ago who were disenchanted with the high fees and other restrictions found on most honeymoon registry sites, so they created their own.  The couple recently appeared on the popular television program Shark Tank, where they pitched the site to the Sharks.

Baskin Robbins Honors Veterans with Camouflage Ice Cream

In celebration of Veteran's Day, November 11, Baskin Robbins is offering camouflage ice cream and waffle cones. The ice cream comes in green/brown or light brown/dark brown combinations. The green ice cream is cake batter flavor; the brown is chocolate and the light brown is salty caramel. On Veteran's Day 10 cents from the sale of every scoop will be donated to veterans' causes.

If you love ice cream, head on down to Baskin Robbins, treat yourself and support a good cause.