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Planning a Vow Renewal Ceremony

In the last few years a number of couples married quickly, perhaps because of military deployment. Now, they want to have a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate with family and friends or they want to solemnize their vows in their church. Older couples may choose to renew their vows on or near their anniversary or at another special time when family can be together. Planning a vow renewal ceremony is not the same as planning a wedding and that can create confusion, particularly for younger couples planning a church ceremony. Though some aspects are similar - repeating vows and a reception to follow - most aspects are somewhat different.

Vow renewal ceremonies are usually more casual than weddings and often are attended by fewer guests than a typical wedding. The couple, not their parents, usually pays for the event. Depending on the situation and budget, the ceremony might occur in a church or it might occur at a family picnic, a park, or any setting of the couple's choosing. If gues…

New Trend: Grandparents Showers

Do you have friends who will become grandparents for the first time, who live near the happy parents and who will most likely care for the baby regularly? If so, you may want to have a grandparent's shower for them. This new trend offers an opportunity to share the joy of the new baby, not just with the parents, but with the extended family as well.

Parents usually receive or purchase everything they need for baby. But when baby goes to Grandma and Grandpa's house, they often have to make due with whatever they have on hand. Outfitting the grandparent's spare room can make baby's visits more enjoyable and Mom and Dad won't need to bring everything with them each time baby visits. Plus, the grandparents will be delighted to be the recipients of a shower.

If you would like to host a grandparent's shower, you might do it as a surprise and obtain gift ideas from the mother-to-be. Or, if you prefer to tell the honorees of your plan, they may have their own gift ide…

Including Sparklers in Your Event

As we gear up for summer events, people begin thinking of things they can add to make their event unique. One of those things is sparklers. Originally available only near the 4th of July, sparklers can now be purchased year round from numerous web sites. Children love them and brides and grooms are increasingly including them in their wedding reception, but sparklers can be dangerous. You are literally playing with fire.

If you decide to use sparklers at your event, first check with your venue to be certain they are allowed. Sparklers should be used outdoors only and not close to dry grass or any other substance that might burn. They can leave dark stains on concrete walkways and driveways, so, if possible, use them on grass, gravel or asphalt. If children will be playing with the sparklers, be sure they have adult supervision.

If you plan to use sparklers at a wedding, choose ones at least 14 inches long. If you use shorter ones, by the time the last sparkler is lit, the first ones…