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Four Reasons Not to Become an Independent Meeting Planner

Today's article is by guest blogger Lori Gershaw. In August 2010 I blogged about the realities of becoming an event planner in general. Lori shares specifically about the realities of becoming a meeting planner.

Four Reasons not to Become an Independent Meeting Planner The new catalogue from your local adult education center came in the mail today. You open it up and find a course on how to become an Independent Meeting Planner. “Wow! That sounds glamorous! I think I’ll give that a try!” Before you jump in with both feet, here are some things to consider. Paperwork, yuck! Once you open the doors to your new business, there’ll be all sorts of paperwork to fill out… and it never ends! Local, state and federal governments want to know about you, there’s insurance to get, bank accounts to open, all sorts of boring, time consuming details. Consult with professionals about what you will need to do to start a new business because that’s what you’re doing… starting a…

Let Them Eat Cake - or Not

When you think of a birthday party, what comes to mind? Gifts? Fun? Friends? Cake and ice cream? Or how about a wedding or an anniversary party; people tend to think of cake as the dessert of choice. After all, what is a wedding without wedding cake? But what if you don't like cake with its surgary, calorie-laden icing? Then don't serve it.

Many alternatives are available to the traditional birthday or wedding cake. Perhaps the guest/guests of honor prefer pie or cheesecake. Maybe an ethnic specialty, such as German kuchen or a French croquembouche (a tower of cream puffs), are more to your liking. I have had clients who served cheesecake, pie, ice cream baked potatoes (an Idaho specialty), croquembouche, German obstkuchen, Norwegian kransekake and more.
Serve what you enjoy. Your guests will be delighted.

Use Pinterest to Plan your Next Event

This year is unusual in that about half my clients do not live here but are planning to hold an event in this area. They need to choose florists and bakers, decide on event decor and more. Enter Pinterest. My clients can create a board on Pinterest, then pin their favorite items and send me the link. I can then print pictures of their favorite dessert, decor, centerpieces and bouquets and share them with local merchants. We schedule a conference call with the client to go over the details and - presto - that portion of their planning is complete. Clients have been very happy with the results.

If a client is concerned about the ability or creativity of a recommended vendor, they can visit the vendor's Pinterest page to see examples of completed work, putting their mind at ease. (Vendors, you do have a board, right?)

Pinterest is also a great place for those who do not consider themselves to be creative to find ideas they can copy or modify. Looking for a fabulous cake for mom and d…