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New Trend: Diaper Parties for Dads

We are all familiar with baby showers for new moms. A couple of years ago baby showers for grandparents were an emerging trend. Now it is showers for dads, often called Diaper Parties. The idea behind the parties is to acknowledge a major event in a man's life and to celebrate what may be a first time dad's last opportunity to freely spend much time with his buddies. Today, most dads are actively involved in day-to-day child care, from diapering to feeding to walking the floor at 3 a.m. That may not leave much time for golfing or fishing with the guys or other male bonding activities. So, why not celebrate the new life stage rather than mourn the end of dad's "freedom."

At a diaper party, each male guest usually brings a package of diapers, which can help the new parents financially for a few months. They may bring other gifts as well. What the guys do at the party depends on their personalities. For some, it may be a back yard barbeque. For others, it might be a…

Entertain Easily with an Ice Cream Social

Ice cream socials have been around as long as ice cream. They are an easy, informal way to entertain a group, whether it is neighbors, a block party, an end-of-school party, a youth group, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, 4-H club or another group. When my boys were in junior high, we ended the school years with an ice cream social with parents bringing unique flavors, such as peanut butter, peppermint, and cheesecake ice cream. The kids loved it; the more unique the flavors, the better.

Preferably, the ice cream should be homemade, but if you aren't into that, any good quality ice cream works. You might ask a few of your guests to each bring a different flavor of ice cream. Others can bring toppings and things to sprinkle on the ice cream, such as nuts, chopped candy and cookie crumbs. You will need bowls, spoons, napkins, a table or two and chairs or blankets, as well as beverages.

Have fun, indulge your inner child and enjoy a summer evening with family and friends over a bowl, or se…

Cascade to Dedicate Veteran's Memorial

On August 6 the city of Cascade will dedicate a bronze statue in memory of all fallen war heros who have lost their lives in combat. The statue was donated to the city by the family of John Borbonus, a 19 year old Boisean who lost his life in Iraq in 2007. The bronze statue was commissioned by the Borbonus family and created by Young Fine Art Studio of Salt Lake City.

The day begins with an air show at the Cascade airport then proceeds to Kelly's White Water Park on the north side of town for the dedication ceremony at 3 p.m.  Representatives of the Idaho National Guard and the Air Force will speak. You won't want to miss this special tribute to Idaho's veterans.

U-pick Flower Farms Offer Variety and Affordability

Are you planning a party? Want to make your own flower arrangements? If so, the Treasure Valley's u-pick flower farms offer a variety of flowers at reasonable prices. Wild Rush Farm (, located on the east side of Nampa, offers a wide selection of blooms from July till October (or first frost), dawn to dusk, for $10 per bucket. A bucket is usually enough to make three or four bouquets or centerpieces. Flower arrangements, including flowers, vase, a card and delivery are also offered, starting at $35. The farm is located at 6016 E. Carson Court, Nampa. Drop-ins are welcome or set an appointment by email to

If you enjoy the fragrance of fresh lavender and lavender products, check out Lakeside Lavender Farm (, 1003 W. Locust Lane, Nampa, or The Lavender Merchant ( in Kuna. Fresh lavender is available only briefly, usually in early to mid-July. However, lavender products, includin…