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Registering for Gifts: What's Hot and What's Not

Since their introduction in 1924 by Chicago department store Marshall Field's, gift registries have become an accepted part of weddings and baby events. They have also become a major source of controversy and etiquette faux pas. When is a registry acceptable and when is it not? Will it be used? When do you register? For what should you register? How do you notify guests of a registry without coming across as greedy?

Creating a registry is acceptable when an event at which gifts are usually given will occur, such as a wedding, a bridal or baby shower or a birth. Today, with the internet and access to national retail registries, most anyone living anywhere can register for gifts. That doesn't mean, however, that the registry will be used. People living in small rural communities where retail outlets are scarce and internet access is not readily available may need to drive a great distance to reach a major retailer with a registry and they don't usually shop by internet. The…

Getting Married? Add the Dentist and Doctor to Your To-do List

Planning a wedding involves lists and more lists, checking them twice, three times and more. Flowers ordered - check. Menu chosen - check. Dress altered - check. Physical scheduled - what? Why? Many brides tend to forget about scheduling medical and dental appointments until the last minute, if at all. However, you shouldn't wait, particularly if you are planning to start birth control.

Today, a bride or groom can be covered by a parent's insurance until age 26 or you may have coverage through your work. At 26, you need to either purchase your own insurance, be added to a spouse's policy, or add your spouse to your policy, all of which may incur a waiting period before becoming effective. Therefore, take advantage of existing insurance while you can.

If you plan to start birth control, you need to visit a doctor for a physical and a prescription at least three months before the wedding. Doing so allows time for the medication to become fully effective. It also allows time …