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New Trend: Crowdfunding for Events

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in which businesses raise small amounts of money from many contributors to fund the launch of a new product, musical score, movie, book, art project and more. Kickstarter is one such site. Contributors receive a special gift in exchange for their contribution.

Help! I Broke my Engagement - Now What?

Unfortunately, not every engagement ends with a marriage. I answer viewer questions on websites and one question we see several times each year concerns broken engagements and how to pick up the pieces. The first reaction of many brides, who are often caught up in the emotional distress of the moment, is a desire to distance herself from the whole situation - forget about the guy, the wedding, and anything associated with it. However, unless she has someone who is thinking clearly to help her through the process, she may inadvertently make the situation worse, lose money, and prolong the agony.

So what is a girl (and guy) to do? It depends on how close to the wedding day the event was cancelled. If the engagement is broken months before the wedding, it may be fairly easy for the wedding planner to contact merchants and cancel services. If the wedding day is right around the corner, the bride may have arranged special services, such as manicures for her bridesmaids, that she hasn't…

Plan Your Next Event at a Summer Camp

Looking for a unique location for your next sales or training meeting, company retreat or family reunion? Look no further than a nearby summer camp. Boy Scout, Girl Scout, 4-H and church camps are busy in summer, but are often available at a reasonable rate in the spring before school is out or after school resumes
in the late summer and early fall.

Holding your event at a camp invites greater interaction among attendees, something that may not happen at a hotel or conference center.  It also reduces the dependency on technology, getting people away from their phones and laptops and back to nature. Your employees can also engage in a variety of team building activities that wouldn't be possible at more urban locations.

Should your event last more than one day, camps have overnight accommodations, usually in cabins or dormitories, which again promotes interaction and develops relationships.  Many camps have cooks who will prepare  meals for you. If not, make meal preparation part…