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The Hidden Safety Risks of Planning an Event

Last month we talked about the hidden costs associated with planning an event. In addition to costs, there are also hidden safety risks that may affect your guests' well being. Safety risks take many forms, from location issues to food and drink problems and more. The following are some of the most common.

Location risks: Locations, particularly outdoor ones, may contain several safety risks.The water feature that initially attracted you to the venue may prove to be an attractive hazard. Be very careful when a large group gathers near a pond, river, lake, pool or even a large fountain, particularly when children or alcohol is involved. Before allowing guests to operate canoes, row boats, jet skis and other water craft, be sure they wear life jackets and have had instruction, if necessary. If you are planning a pool party, ask a friend to serve as life guard.

Memory Makers Returns to Honduras

For seven years Memory Makers Event Planning has sponsored a child in Honduras with Compassion International. I recently had the opportunity to make my second trip to spend time with the adorable Nelson. Twenty-two of us first flew into San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras where we spent time at two projects, including one with a Child Survival Center, where pregnant women and those with children up to age three can receive prenatal care, medical care for the delivery, nutrition and child rearing counseling and support. (Nearly 50 percent of children under 5 in Honduras die, most from birth-related complications. Pneumonia is the second leading cause of death.)

We then drove to the capital, Tegucigalpa, to visit another project and spend a day with sponsored children at a jump park filled with large inflatable jumps. (My elbow still hurts from a burn received on the big slide.) Nelson came with his mother and his new baby sister, 40 days old. What a delight it was to see how Nelson has…