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Trends for 2012 - Weddings, Food, Meetings

It seems each year we are inundated with predictions of the latest trends for the coming season. Some make sense or are a continuation of a current trend. Others make you wonder where the idea originated. Some of what are considered "national" trends, have actually been in vogue in this area for a couple years or more. The following are predictions for this year culled from several sources and presented in no particular order.

Wedding Trends - the following are compliments of OneWed.
Food trucks - Whether it be a taco truck after a party or an ice cream truck at a wedding reception, if you have a favorite truck food, invite them to your event. You can even hire the corner hotdog vendor to drop by.Unique head pieces - Brides are replacing the typical veil and/or tiara with wedding hats, headbands and big, beautiful barrets and clips. Feathers for the hair are "in."Royal wedding inspiration - In the tradition of Kate Middleton, simple and understated is in, whether it …

Wedding Planning for the Mature Bride

I am currently working with a bride who is a 66 year old widow marrying a 70 year old gentleman. Through the years I have planned numerous weddings for brides in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Some were marrying for the first time, some were divorced, others widowed.

When a couple is older, both bride and groom often have many more decisions to make than younger couples. A mature bride's body has changed and the gown that looks great on a 25 year-old will not look the same on a 50 year-old. One or both may have children and possibly grandchildren. They may have homes, own a business and/or have investments they want to leave to their respective families. Health issues may be part of the picture. To protect yourself, your family, and each other, all these issues and more need to be addressed before saying "I Do." 

Wedding Gown: Many mature women find choosing a wedding gown to be the most difficult part of planning their wedding. Unless she works out regularly, a revealing gown …

33rd Annual Wedding Party Show has Come and Gone

The 33rd annual Wedding Party Show was held this weekend. Approximately 1,000 brides plus grooms, moms, sisters, friends, children, non-participating merchants and others streamed through the show looking for everything from planners to catering, flowers, gowns, tuxes and unique venues. It was a great show. Below, Caitie receives a big kiss from show mascot Chloe.

Planning a Super Bowl Party without the Mess

Happy New Year! Christmas and New Years are behind us. The next big event, other than the 33rd annual Wedding Party Show this weekend, is Super Bowl Sunday, February 5. Many people have Super Bowl parties, some at restaurants or pubs, others at private homes. If you are among those planning a party at home or perhaps at your community club house, you are probably not looking forward to the mess at the end of the day. Unfortunately, when a group gets together and food and football are involved, messy happens.

You can control some of the messies, and help the environment, with a bit of preplanning. You might start with what you serve. If you order in pizza, you will have boxes, crusts, sauce and other possibly gooey and messy items to deal with, so be sure to have plenty of large trash cans and bags on hand. If, on the other hand, you prepare a crock pot of soup or chili, you will have considerably less clean up, even if you use disposable bowls and spoons. Serving beverages in individu…