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Indian Wedding in Idaho

Today we held a traditional Indian wedding in my backyard. Yesterday the couple was married in an American-style wedding. Their plan was to have a second wedding in the fall in India in the groom's hometown until they learned last week that in India there is no such thing as a vow renewal ceremony. If they were to have an Indian wedding, it must occur at the same time as the American wedding. When the groom's mother arrived from India with the news that everything must occur now, we scrambled to create a second wedding. Because we wanted some degree of privacy and the ceremony involves fire, we needed to hold it in an outdoor location and my backyard was the most private (and affordable) place available on short notice.

Never too Old for Love

For her 100th birthday on February 6, Dana Jackson married her 87 year old boy friend, Bill Stauss. Both are residents of Rosewood Health Care Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is the bride's fourth marriage. Her first was at age 15. Imagine two weddings 85 years apart. How very different they must have been.

The bride wore a white gown and long veil. The groom, who is blind and has never seen his bride, was handsome in his tuxedo. The bride had a bachelorette party before the wedding. A champagne toast and desserts were shared at the reception. Congratulations! Here's to many years together.