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Add Balloons to Your Special Occasion

Many events can be enhanced by the creative use of balloon decor, which can make your special occasion soar. If you are planning a grand opening, you might place an arch of balloons in front of the entrance to your establishment or use a large column of balloons in front of the building to draw attention.

If you are planning a wedding or reception, consider placing a balloon arch over your dance floor or in front of the entrance to the room. From the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony to the reception, balloons can be used in centerpieces and in other ways. They can be incorporated into floral arrangements or combined with ribbons, fabric, and other items to create a unique look.

Balloons can make a unique statement when used as holiday decorations for your company party or picnic. Consider a Christmas tree made of balloons, or a balloon snowman or Santa. How about a large heart for Valentine's Day or a palm tree for your luau.

If adding balloons to your event is…

Remember to Be Thankful

One of the most frustrating things for those who attend a wedding, shower, birthday party, reception, anniversary party, or another event where gifts are given is the perceived lack of gratitude shown by those who are given gifts. Guests spend time and money to purchase a gift, yet many people fail to say thanks.

Etiquette states that thank you notes should be written, not just made verbally by phone, e-mail, or in person. Notes should be sent within three months of the event, if it is a large event with many gifts. For smaller events, such as birthday parties, showers, or anniversary parties, notes should be written within a month. However, a late thank you note sent several months after the event is better than not sending a note at all.

Though we are becoming an increasingly casual society, let's not forget our manners. Let's remember those who took the time to do something special for us by letting them know we appreciate their effort.