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Company Picnics and Parties

It's not too late to plan a company picinic yet this summer. Having a picnic or another social event is a good way to thank your employees for their hard work during the year. It also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the families of your employees and to relate to one another in a non-work environment. Socializing together builds relationships between employees as well. You might plan a simple pot luck or barbeque at a park or arrange for an evening at Roaring Springs. You can also host an evening at a Boise Hawks baseball game. The options are limited only by your time, budget, and the number of people you will entertain. It is also not too soon to begin thinking about your company's holiday party. While most summer activities are family oriented, a holiday party is more often attended by only your employees and their spouses or significant others. Some company owners or managers choose to host a party at their home. Others arrange for dinner and perhaps dancing a…