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Are You Hosting an Employee Holiday Party?

Hosting a holiday party for your employees, and possibly their spouses and families, can be a nice way to say thank you for their commitment to the success of your business. Recently, the economy has caused many businesses to rethink the way they entertain, possibly cutting back on the type of party, who is invited, and where it is held.

A couple of years ago I began receiving calls from businesses wanting only limited help, such as finding an inexpensive location where they could provide their own food and play their own music. In years past, those businesses would have held their party at a restaurant or hotel. They would have engaged an event planner to make the arrangements, assist with decor, and to be on site during the party. Now, they prefer to pay the event planner for limited assistance and often choose not to have the planner on site during the party. They are having a caterer drop off food, ordering pizza or purchasing deli trays. Music is often provided on a laptop or an…

Department of Insurance Offers Advice for Newly Weds

If you think combining households is difficult when a couple marries, consider combining insurance plans. Will you use her car insurance company, his company, or choose a new one? Whose homeowners or renters policy will you keep and whose will go? Will you add him to your health insurance; will he add you to his, or will each of you keep your own insurance? How about dental insurance? Vision insurance? Life insurance? If either of you has children, the decisions become more complicated.

Fortunately, the Idaho Department of Insurance has the answers. The agency has published an article, "Combining Insurance," that will help you through the maze and enable you to make the best decisions for your particular situation. You can find the article at