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Forget the Alcohol: Serve Something Different at Your Event

We are seeing less alcohol served at recent social events, both because of tight budgets and the liability involved. Hosts are increasingly seeking creative alternatives and serving unique and intriguing beverages that offer guests a pleasant surprise. At a recent wedding reception the couple served Italian sodas. We printed menus with drinks named for places the bride or groom had lived or traveled. A guest could order a "Manhatten" and receive a combination chocolate and caramel soda. A "Phoenix" might be strawberry. The hosts purchased the ingredients, then two people were hired to make the drinks to order.

If you prefer to serve a hot beverage, you might opt for an espresso bar. In this area we have mobile espresso bars you can hire to come to your event. They bring all the necessary ingredients and staff to prepare the drinks; you supply the guests.

Is tea more to your liking? If so, set up a tea station at your next party. Provide a variety of tea flavors, ho…

Security Planning for your Event

You plan the guest list, the menu, the music, the activities, but do you have a security plan for your event? If not, you may need one. Depending on the type of event, the location and the number of attendees, you may need to consider several types of security measures, including the following.

Gifts - If your event involves gifts and/or cards (they often contain money or gift cards), they need to be kept safe. Someone with theft on their mind may not be an intruder, but a member of the catering staff, one of your guests or even the DJ or bartender. It is easy to slip a card or small item into a pocket or under a napkin without being seen, so be vigilant.

If your event will be held at a public place, such as a hotel or restaurant, place the gift table inside the room where the party occurs, not in a hall or foyer. Bring a closed container for cards, not a basket. Once everyone has arrived and the party gets started, you or your event coordinator should place the card container in a saf…

Wedding in Stanley

Rachel and John chose a perfect July day for their wedding beside the Salmon River in Stanley with the Sawtooth Mountains in the background. John is a native Idahoan. Rachel is from England. They wanted their wedding to be unique and memorable for all guests, particularly those coming from abroad and throughout the U.S.

The reception was held in a tent erected beside the Salmon River Lodge, where many guests stayed. The ceremony occurred nearby on the banks of the Salmon River. A barbeque reception catered by H and M Meats of Nampa followed the ceremony. Gelato, made by the bride,  was served for dessert. In traditional English style, the fruit cake wedding cake was served later in the evening accompanied by a spread of European artisan cheeses.

Rachel purchased English lavender, both dried and plants, at Lakeside Lavender Farm's festival in early July. When the couple was pronounced husband and wife, guests tossed dried lavender - on their heads, down her dress and on her train.…