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Events Scottish Style

I recently returned from Scotland where I had the opportunity to learn about and experience events Scottish style. Want to get married in a castle, abbey or palace? The Scottish government through its Historic Scotland department, maintains most of the publicly owned historic buildings and they will be happy to accommodate your wishes at one of fourteen sites. Some of the castles, such as Campbell Castle in Dollar (pictured to the right), are ruins. Your event will need to be held outside, either on the hillside in front of the castle or in the center courtyard, which is large and grass-covered. Others, such as Edinburgh Castle, have been restored to their former glory and you can hold your event in one of several rooms open to the public. To find just the right venue, the Scottish government maintains a web site devoted exclusively to rentals at
You can also hold an event at the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral in St.…

Jilted Bride Turns Tragedy into Joy

When the fiance of a Chicago-area bride got cold feet and cancelled the wedding six days before it was to occur, the bride knew she would lose all the money that had been spent planning the perfect party. Rather than allow that to happen, she moved the party to a large retirement complex. Over 300 residents enjoyed the Halloween-themed food and centerpieces and the DJ played the night away. The bride knew no one at the home before the party. Now, she has 300 new friends. Though she lost the money she had paid to the original wedding facility, her generousity blessed many grateful people.