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Planning to Buy an Engagement Ring? Do your Homework First

Are you thinking of making your significant other a permanent part of your life by getting on one knee and popping the question? If so, you will need a ring - or maybe not. And if you need one, what kind, style, and price is right for your lady and for your budget?

Not all women want an engagement ring (they do want the proposal, however). Some women feel an engagement ring is ostentatious or it may interfere with an active profession or lifestyle. (You won't see many firefighters or landscapers wearing a large diamond ring.) Your lady love may prefer only a simple wedding band or no ring at all. (Some women consider a wedding ring to be a sign of "ownership.") If she wants a ring, she might prefer a ruby, sapphire, emerald, or her birthstone rather than a diamond. And do you know her preference for the setting? Does she prefer yellow gold, platinum, silver or something else?

Once you have decided to purchase a ring and you know what type, it is off to the jewelry store…

Party Crashers: The Latest Scam

If you have seen the movie Wedding Crashers, you are familiar with young adults acting like spoiled, self-centered juveniles out to ruin your wedding or special event. The latest scam, however, doesn't require the crashers to attend your event to ruin it. Rather, they look for websites that are not password protected, such as those created on popular sites like or

Plan a Duck Dynasty Party

If you or someone you know is a fan of the A&E television program Duck Dynasty, you may want to plan a Duck Dynasty birthday party, family reunion, business team building activity or another special event. Duck Dynasty parties are particularly popular with boys and teens. With the proliferation of camouflage items available - everything from clothing to invitations to paper plates and napkins - planning the party is fairly easy.

Ask guests to wear camo clothing and either a bandana or a cap, or you can supply the bandanas. You can provide the fake facial hair for everyone from three to ninety-three who doesn't sport their own. You might also provide a few wigs or hair extensions found at thrift stores or from an on-line source. The nattier, the better.