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Wedding Etiquette for Men

Gentlemen, does it seem as if all your friends are getting married? Are you receiving a wedding invitation nearly every week? Joe is getting married on the beach; Susie is having a formal wedding in a cathedral. What is expected when you attend these weddings? How should you dress? What should you not do?
These questions and more have been answered in an article, How to Behave at Weddings, published by and found at The article provides recommendations for responding to a wedding invitation, choosing a gift, and goes into ceremony and reception etiquette. The author does a good job of covering the issues with one exception. He states that gifts be chosen as follows:
"The rule of thumb is to give the equivalent of the cost of your meal, so if you're attending as a couple, double the amount."
That information is inaccurate. Gifts are chosen on the basis of your budget and how well you know the bride or groom…

The Dos and Don'ts of Making a Toast

You have been asked to give a toast, perhaps at a wedding reception, anniversary party, rehearsal dinner, or another event. If the idea of speaking in public makes you very uncomfortable, feel free to decline. You don't need to ruin your day by stressing over what to say or how to say it. If you agree to give a toast, the following tips will be helpful in creating a meaningful one.

*Be certain all guests have a drink of some type with which to toast. The DJ or person making announcements can ask guests to fill their glasses a few minutes before toasts begin. It is not necessary to toast with champagne or alcohol; any beverage will do. It is the thought that counts, not the contents of your glass.

*Keep it short, but sincere. Plan to speak no more than 5 minutes. You don't need to recount the entire hsitory of your relationship with the guest of honor. Don't mention that you are nervous or you hate to speak in public, or didn't really want to give the toast. To do so wi…

New Rental Resource for Outdoor Concerts and Back Country Events

If you are planning an outdoor concert or festival, a back country family reunion or wedding, you may need generators, lights, tents for sleeping, sound equipment and other items. Evergreen Resource, located in Idaho City, Idaho, can provide those items and more. The company also offers shuttle bus service and IT and internet support for large events. They will also help with publicity for your event, if needed. If you need items the company does not provide, such as tables, chairs, party tents, and linens, they can help you find vendors. The company also networks with caterers and other vendors whose services you might need.

Check the company's web site at or give them a call toll-free at 866-270-1749.