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Customized Unity Candles

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a wedding show. One of the new products featured at the show was custom-designed unity candles. A bride and groom can order a candle in colors to match their wedding. They can also customize the candle with a picture, poem, their names, or any other information they choose. The candles can also be used for anniversary celebrations, vow renewal ceremonies, and as memorial candles.

The candles are available over the internet at If you are looking for something unique for your event, this may be just the item.

New Wedding Photography Fad - Trash the Dress

Want to add a bit of pizazz to your wedding photos and you don't mind damaging your gown? If so, you might consider taking "trash the dress" photos. This is a new fad created by wedding photographers to create unique, once in a lifetime, photos. When a bride is willing to get her dress wet or dirty, she may be photographed wading in the ocean or a lake, jumping into a pool or lake, sitting on a mountainside or on the beach, riding a motorcycle, rolling in the mud, or in other unconventional situations or positions that can harm her dress.

This summer one of my brides was photographed playing in the fountain at the Grove Plaza in downtown Boise while wearing her gown, though she was careful not to get too wet. A photographer told me about shooting a bride who jumped into a swimming pool at a country club in her gown. The groom and several of the groomsmen then joined her. (If they were wearing rented tuxes, they now own them.) Another bride told me about her wedding in M…